Benefits of Having Products Manufactured in China


workers at a typical manufacturing facility in Chine

There’s a very good article in The Startup Magazine which looks at the risks and benefits of having products manufactured in China. The very risks or challenges that article lists are exactly the things ITI Manufacturing can alleviate.

Manufacturing and importing from China can seem daunting, especially if you are a comparatively new start-up or SME and have never thought about outsourcing production abroad before. The reality is this is a difficult task. The protocol of being able to enter Southern China, which is now recognized as being the global manufacturing centre is complicated. Another one of the main problems when importing goods from China is the language barrier.

ITI has decades of experience helping companies navigate the waters when it comes to having products manufactured in China. We have long standing relationships within China’s manufacturing community that make it much easier to do business and overcome language issues, etc.

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