Logistical Support Agency in China: Benefits and Advantages

ITI Manufacturing as your logistical support agency in China is of an extreme value

China is a great place to have high quality goods manufactured at an affordable price

For small start-up businesses, outsourcing to China for overseas manufacturing is a very good idea.

However, rather than solitarily exploring all the ground related to overseas manufacturing, the expertise of ITI Manufacturing as your logistical support agency in China is of an extreme value to most new or expanding entrepreneurs who generally do not have the connections, confidence or time required to investigate the multi-million dollar Chinese manufacturing sector.

As a result, hiring Houston, Texas based ITI Manufacturing as your logistical support agency in China is a very good idea. Local Chinese sourcing agents know the neighborhood markets and manufacturing firms. They will discuss the client’s needs and then connect them to a good manufacturing firm to ensure that products are made according to specification, in budget and on time. Ideally, it is a good idea to hire a complete logistical support agency in China that will not only help you select the manufacturing firm but it will provide valuable outsourcing manufacturing to china support in a range of services.

Production and production financing

Usually, the manufacturing firm will have its own production methods and production financing. However, to accelerate the process, it may be necessary for you the customer to provide a portion of the total fee up front in the form of a production advance. Please note that sourcing firm will charge you a flat fee for finding a reliable firm. The firm will include manufacturer documentation, factory locator information, quotes for the final items, tooling fees, pre-production samples and reviews, quality assessment and changes, and repeat consulting as required. After this step is complete, you will have to provide the selected company with 50% of the total balance so that they can initiate production.

Inspections and insurance

The biggest mistake made by international hiring firms is not having on-site inspections every month at the factory level as well packaging and shipping levels. China has improved significantly in quality and manufacturing standards but problems do occur. As a result, regular on-site inspections are necessary every month. As your logistical support agency in China, ITI Manufacturing assures proper inspections and quality of production.

In these inspections, product specifications are checked and quality requirements are evaluated. Bills of materials are checked with size and material specifications along with appearance, construction criteria, performance and packaging. Manufactured samples are also checked and a complete record of materials, inspections, material testing and documentation is reviewed. This can be done by the logistical support team or company members may visit the factory to ensure standardization.

Shipping, Customs clearance and Delivery

Almost all companies provide a port delivery process in which good are delivered to the port. However, packaging, customs and delivery are then your headache. Logistical support firms that specialize in Chinese manufacturing and delivery process will also pick up goods from the factory, pack and ship the goods to your warehouse directly.

Hiring an American logistical support agency in China that has experience

In Chinese manufacturing process and services, hiring a logistical support firm or an outsource services firm that has experience is a very good idea. As a retailer, you may not know the language or local Chinese customs. A good local firm will help you deal with all that and ensure that you get exactly what you want and when you want it. To get the maximum benefits of outsourcing your manufacturing process, it is necessary to avoid all the pitfalls and this is possible only when you have an expert adviser like the respected American ITI Manufacturing as your logistical support agency in China helping you out.

Company selection in outsourcing manufacturing services to China

When you obtain the services of a reputable expert in Chinese manufacturing services and processes, risk is taken out of importing. Production, production financing, inspections, insurance, shipping, customs clearance and delivery are covered. Your satisfaction’s guaranteed with a truly reputable company that has teams in America and China.

Several large trade websites list manufacturers from all over China, but more than 5000 manufacturers go out of business in China daily. You will require the services of a local firm to help you hire a reliable company for your production. ITI has developed knowledge and respect for over 30-years as it has developed relationships and overseas manufacturing needs and requirements.

After 30-plus years, Houston, Texas headquartered ITI Manufacturing knows about Chinese custom-manufacturing and getting labor-intensive products at bargain production costs. Call us today at 281-242-7030 Ext. 28 to discuss why we should be your logistical support agency in China.

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