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If you’re wondering about China manufacturing’s impact on food processing equipment and technology, read on! Global demand for food processing equipment is expected to rise approximately 7.5% each year through 2019, according to the Freedonia Group.  Not surprisingly, these gains will be “driven in part by numerous food and beverage firms in developing areas, transitioning from manual to mechanical food processing in order to increase output and develop new products” (

Growth is fueled by the increased desire for processed food, especially in growing urban areas.  China plays a big role in that demand as the country is experiencing a boom in their food processing equipment industry.  In fact, China is expected to purchase 40% of the world’s food processing machinery with the next two years. China manufacturing is poised for this increased demand and understands the food processing industry.

Shifts in Consumer Preferences, Income, and Manufacturing Practices

China’s citizens are experiencing both an increase in personal income, as well as continuing relocating to more urban environments- which means a dietary shift towards more convenience foods. This, in turn, generates an increased demand for processing equipment. These developments are not surprising as an increase in financial freedom typically comes with a longer work week, which prompts people to turn to processed foods as a time-saving measure. Therefore, high-quality processing technology is quickly adopted by manufacturers looking for a toehold in the market.

Challenges in the US Market

For companies on the U.S. end of the supply chain, there is a different challenge.  American consumers are steadily becoming more health-conscious, turning away from processed foods deemed “unhealthy”. Some are looking to make their own home-cooked, fresh alternatives, and most are hoping to find “healthy” pre-packaged alternatives.

A Trustworthy Overseas Manufacturing Partner

The world’s eating habits are changing with the trend toward living in urban areas. Processing technology must keep up with not only the increased demand for processed food products, but products that reflect the shifting demands.  Meeting these diverse demands calls for producers, now more than ever, to focus on streamlined, clean operations, utilizing the most efficient processing equipment and techniques available. More efficient food processing equipment and techniques are being developed constantly.

US food processing equipment manufacturers looking to maintain their success, as well as increase their market share, can count on ITI Manufacturing to source the right Chinese manufacturing company. Located in Texas, ITI’s professional, dedicated, full-time, China-based staff ensures your products are manufactured with integrity, and to your complete specifications. We guarantee it!  Contact us for a free quote, or call (281) 242-7030 today.

Mike Stewart of ITI Manufacturing will be attending the Process Expo in Chicago September 19-22. If you would like to discuss how ITI can help you take advantage of China manufacturing, or manage your off-shore supply chain, contact Mike before the show at (281) 242-7030 x 18 or during the show at (855) 912-7758.  Email Mike at

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