Connecting Products to China Manufacturers

Matching the right China manufacturer to your product is not an easy task.  There are many things to be considered. The first thing a US company must know and document is the details of the product they want to manufacture offshore such as materials, coatings, thicknesses, how it functions, what it is designed to do, and any and every detail of the product that is important.

The good news for US manufacturers and start-up companies is that they don’t have to go out and develop relationships themselves to find the right China manufacturer.  What is needed is the right manufacturing liaison partner that can help them through the entire process. ITI Manufacturing has over 40 years of experience in helping US businesses get their products successfully manufactured in China using a factory suited to that product’s unique specifications while offering a no manufacturing defects guarantee.

Understand Your Product Design

The first step is to thoroughly understand your product.  To find the right overseas facility is to make sure that the China manufacturer being trusted with production has experience working with the intended materials and the manufacturing processes required to produce your unique product.  This can only be accomplished if you understand your product and its design.  This might sound silly on the surface but if you can’t explain your product in detail to a teenager (nothing against teenagers!) you won’t be able to explain it to someone six thousand miles away raised in a totally different culture.

Matching Product with Manufacturer

Business owners should be prepared to discuss and communicate manufacturing needs concerning their product with a China manufacturer. ITI Manufacturing has over 40 years of experience in helping companies do just that.

Communicating and answering design specification questions and instructions are a must to ensure your product has been matched with the right China manufacturer. For example mechanical drawings are a must as is a working prototype.  Factory personnel must understand the product and exactly what it is designed to do as well as how it was designed to do it.  Specifications are critical:  What specific color (Pantone codes are best) does the product need to be?  What material should each part be made of?  Is there a coating?  What is it? How thick should it be?  Does the finish need to withstand the sun and not fade?  For how long?  Will the item need to withstand freezing temperatures?  Yes?  What temperature range?  Is there a retail box?  How is it designed?  How thick do you want the box material to be?  Is there a die line file with all artwork?  Are instructions included?  Black print only or full color?

These are just some of the required details ITI can help you supply.  Remember, no one knows the product better than you do so expecting someone else to “know” the details is asking for trouble.  What testing should the item pass?  What inspection points should the inspection process focus on?  Packaging specifications?  Duty classification?  Destination?  What shipping company will you use?  How will the paperwork get to you?  Who will pick the shipment up from the US Customs warehouse and deliver it to your warehouse?  Think of an “Open Book Test” and you want the factory to make 100%.  ITI has been helping their USA clients prepare China manufacturers to make 100% on their “Open Book Tests” for over 40 years.

If you are considering China manufacturing you don’t have to go it alone.  Contact ITI Manufacturing and speak with one of our experts.  Why, because not all products are suited for off shore manufacturing.  ITI will help you determine if outsourcing part or your entire product to a China manufacturer will be of true benefit. Call today at 281-242-7030.

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