China’s Progress in Green Manufacturing

China factories are highly capable of engineering products with green manufacturing parameters. Beijing and Shanghai have both announced new efforts to improve in this area and save energy while reducing emissions. And, by extension, they would save on overall impact on the environment. Furthermore, jurisdictions are coming together to improve coordination to help reduce waste concerning resources and to decrease overcapacity and smog levels.

It is also believed a move to green manufacturing would better distribute economic wealth across the country. All customers benefit from these efforts and companies that have overlooked Chinese manufacturers in the past should take another look. However, American companies must clearly define the parameters to ensure the finished product is as desired.

Why This Move Toward Green Manufacturing?

China wishes to position itself as a global leader in green manufacturing without sacrificing the goal of establishing an economy that is eco-friendlier. The trade war between China and the United States has amplified China’s desire to obtain this position. Fierce competition in the electronics industry, along with a lack of lower-cost labor, has hampered these goals.  China is working to overcome these challenges while increasing its green manufacturing capabilities.

Pollution Reduction

While many companies choose to work only with those companies they deem eco-friendly there is another reason China is making green manufacturing a priority. Carbon emissions are still a serious issue, and China is making aggressive strives towards losing the role of being the global leader of this problem. Approximately 1.8 million individuals in the country experience complications as a result of exposure to environmental pollution. As such, this remains a major concern for the country internally as well.

The Customer Retains Control

One concern expressed by many American business owners involves a lack of control over the manufacturing process. However, there are no worries when working with a manufacturing liaison like ITI Manufacturing. The customer defines all parameters regarding the materials used. Furthermore, the client receives the option of choosing a specific factory designation or certification. And the client will simply need to document this information. At ITI, we work to ensure this is exactly what the client receives when the factory delivers the finished product.

Why Use ITI Manufacturing?

ITI Manufacturing chooses only those factories that meet the needs and requirements of the customer.  ITI takes its role as a China manufacturing liaison seriously. The customer retains complete control over all aspects of the process including the testing that products must undergo and successfully pass. We also ensure all materials specified in the manufacture of our clients’ products are the same as those used when the samples were manufactured. A third party is utilized to ensure the testing is fair and accurate.

US companies find they can benefit greatly from the use of Chinese manufacturers. However, many companies have overlooked this option in the past for a variety of reasons. Some businesses worry about communication issues or avoid the option due to logistical concerns. Lastly, other US companies generally express concerns regarding the manufacturing process. Manufacturing addresses all these issues to ensure that any US company with a great product suitable for outsourcing will have the right processes and suppliers in place to succeed.

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