Renewable Energy Impact on Offshore Manufacturing

There is great news when it comes to jobs in the renewable energy sector in Asia:  It continues to rise. As of 2017, renewable energy jobs increased by 62% according to IRENA Quarterly.  Countries like Japan and China have earned their place in taking the lead and are responsible for much of this industry’s global growth. Not only do these Asian nations serve as offshore manufacturing powerhouses, but they also lead in manufacturing wind turbines and lithium-ion. China also owns five out of the six world’s largest solar module manufacturing firms.

And as the world continues beefing up on its clean energy efforts, some Asian countries will likely remain in the lead. What does this mean for American companies? How can they benefit from offshore manufacturing? Keep reading.

Why Is Renewable Energy Important on a Global Scale?

Air pollution is a global concern. While one country can work to reduce their carbon emissions, another may ramp up its manufacturing and offset the gains seen by its competitor’s reduction in this area. Many of China’s top-tier cities continue to produce large amounts of carbon emissions. With recent attempts in pushing renewable energy efforts, their carbon footprint will eventually reduce. Air is not contained within any one country and what happens in China affects the entire planet. Therefore, any reduction will be of benefit to all as all people will have cleaner air to breathe.

How Can American Companies Benefit?

Business owners have already found that offshore manufacturing can significantly save on costs. However, as domestic manufacturers move more toward clean energy, they will save on costs in other ways. For instance, their energy bills should eventually decrease over time. And the great benefit behind that is they can then pass the additional savings on to their customers. Also, when US companies announce their transition into a green energy manufacturing process, they often see welcomed boosts in revenue.

Overall, most American consumers want to know they’re helping to minimize their carbon footprint and contribute to eco-friendly solutions. Therefore, when they choose to buy from companies that help them achieve this goal, this builds brand loyalty. And for companies that choose to work with eco-friendly offshore manufacturers, they keep manufacturing costs in check while still providing quality consumer products and services.

What Does the Future Hold?

China and other Asian countries remain committed to increasing the use of renewable energy in the coming years. In addition, they are making other manufacturing industry changes to better serve international customers. Jurisdictions are now coming together to eliminate existing issues and improve processes.

China is also working to improve its current green manufacturing standards system to ensure companies obtain exactly what they need when manufacturing there. These are only a few of the ways China is working toward the goal of being a renewable energy leader.

How Can ITI Help with Your Offshore Manufacturing?

ITI Manufacturing serves as a liaison between American companies wishing to outsource to the offshore manufacturing processes and businesses that can fulfill successful production. In fact, we’ve been helping US companies for 45 years and have a proven process that ensures success.  If your company needs a knowledgeable outsourcing partner for your energy products, connect with us today. Call one of our experts at 281-242-7030.  

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