Chinese and U.S. Business Customs

When negotiating China manufacturing deals, it is vital to recognize that Chinese business customs are considerably different than those of the United States. They also differ from the traditions of neighboring countries. The proper etiquette can prevent embarrassing or insulting mistakes.


Try to avoid putting an excessive emphasis on money, contracts or laws. Chinese businesspeople prefer a friendly, cooperative way of doing business. A transaction is more likely to succeed if they personally trust you.


Seniority and age both hold great importance in China’s culture. Chinese businesspeople are more likely to respect American counterparts who are at least 50 years old. This is an important consideration when deciding who to send on a business trip.


When arranging a meeting about China manufacturing deals, be sure to check the country’s calendar and avoid major holidays like May Day or the Lunar New Year. Avoid lateness and remember to use formal titles when you address Chinese businesspeople.


If you give out business cards, hold them with both hands. Bow when receiving a card and remember to read it immediately. This shows respect for the other person.


Chinese people prefer to negotiate or discuss business deals directly. When possible, meet them personally instead of sending an email message or using the telephone. Show you have made an effort to understand their customs.


When you speak with Chinese business representatives, it is vital to be exceptionally polite. People in China also respect those who behave humbly. Remember not to show off expensive belongings or boast about the successes of your company.

Chinese business customs are quite complex, but the most important priorities include respectful behavior and the building of friendly relationships. You may benefit from taking the time to read an entire book about Chinese etiquette or culture; several options are available.

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