5 Things to look for in a Chinese Manufacturing Partner

Experienced and new entrepreneurs are constantly looking for the best manufacturers for their products. Though many businesses still choose to produce in the United States, Chinese manufacturing has advantages that the US may not necessarily have. Finding the appropriate manufacturer is not a one step process; instead, several steps have to be taken to find the perfect fit. Five important tips for manufacturing in China are listed below:

  1. Require Approval Samples – Ensure that the manufacturer can deliver acceptable approval samples before anything is produced or shipped from China. If the factory promises that they are able to manufacture a certain product, be sure to confirm this with a factory visit and audit before finalizing an agreement. A new purchase order should be followed by approval samples before starting production.
  2. Emphasize Quality – Chinese manufacturers can get very busy, relying on volume and speed to produce products at competitive prices. It is important to verify the quality of goods being produced by these factories with in process and final inspections prior to shipment. At the same time, make sure to stress the particular points of quality that you require. It’s imperative to catch any potential quality issues in China before the shipment departs for the US.
  3. Always Check Shipments – Even if your first shipment was impeccable, it is still important to check the incoming quality of each subsequent shipment. Good partners are consistent in delivery and product quality. Never allow complacency to stand in the way of quality control. The longer it takes to discover and report a quality problem, the less recourse you’ll have in resolving the problem with the manufacturer.
  4. Be a Serious Partner – When communicating with potential partners, it is important to show entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm. Serious partners that provide detailed specifications and quality control guidelines will attract the best Chinese manufacturers who are more eager to work with you. This also proves to them that you have great vision for your product which, in turn, gives them a level of comfort that your business has potential to provide them with work in the future. The more professional your proposal or RFQ to the factory, the more seriously they’ll consider your project.
  5. Find Partners that are Trustworthy – As different as the United States and China are in business culture, you’ll want to find a partner that shares your values and expectations. Have a presence in China to communicate with your potential partner factories. Professional face to face meetings along with a consideration of business etiquette will help you to decide whether they are reliable and trustworthy.

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