The Critical Need for Manufacturing Liaisons in a Trade War

Trade wars can make life difficult for companies that outsource their manufacturing overseas. Companies need to keep their offshore supply chains flowing with minimal disruption while minimizing the financial impact of any tariffs that are imposed. During times like these many companies engage the services of a professional liaison, such as ITI Manufacturing. Manufacturing liaisons know how to find the right factories in the right countries to keep your manufacturing going, even during times of uncertainty.  They can also be a valuable resource in re-classifying your product to a lower percentage duty rate.  Many misclassified products result in tariff overpayments.

Manufacturing Liaisons Build Relationships

A trade war can tax even the strongest relationships you may currently have with outsourcing partners.  This is one area where experienced manufacturing liaisons can help. An established liaison can soothe over trade war-related conflicts and help situations go as smoothly as possible. ITI has developed long-lasting relationships with thousands of top-quality Asian manufacturers since 1974. ITI knows how to strengthen existing relationships and cultivate new ones – essential when trade wars complicate daily operations.

Liaisons Match You with the Right Manufacturers

During a trade war, you may find that manufacturers you’ve previously worked with are no longer viable or available. You may suddenly find yourself needing to find a new manufacturer.

Manufacturing liaisons can help you find new manufacturing partners quickly. Liaisons such as ITI know how to best match your products with reputable factories in a variety of countries, including China, Vietnam, and South Korea. This provides you with more affordable options compared to trying to relocate manufacturing options yourself.

Professional Liaisons Also Negotiate the Best Deals

You may find it a necessity to renegotiate terms with existing suppliers due to increased tariffs or other trade conditions.  You may have to change suppliers and negotiate a completely new contract.

This is where a manufacturing liaison can help. Liaisons such as ITI are experienced and skilled negotiators. They know how to make the outsource option work even under difficult economic conditions.

ITI Manufacturing Manages the Process

Whether you’re dealing with an existing supplier or a new supplier, ITI can help you manage the manufacturing process – even from half a world away. ITI knows how to navigate the complete process to guarantee your products are made to your exacting specifications with NO manufacturing defects.

Let Us Help You Navigate Through the Trade War

ITI Manufacturing has more than 45 years of experiencing working with offshore manufacturers. Instead of trying to figure it out for yourself, let ITI Manufacturing find new suppliers, negotiate contracts, and manage the entire process for you.

Don’t be a victim of the trade war – contact ITI Manufacturing online today, or give us a call at (281) 242-7030.

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