Customers Leverage ITI’s Experience

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The most successful businesses leverage their suppliers’ expertise and experience.  That’s why ITI’s customers know the value of working with a company that has over 40 years of experience and expertise in international custom manufacturing offshore products and offshore supply chain management.

ITI’s customers leverage ITI Manufacturing’s well-established part of an efficient international business ecosystem that addresses the demands of custom manufacturing offshore products. Our offshore supply network, which is closely integrated with over $4 trillion of manufacturing output, includes every phase of the international offshore supply chain.

Our customers use ITI Manufacturing’s hard-earned reputation as one of the leading offshore manufacturing companies.  Since our founding in 1974. ITI has played a major role in meeting the need for custom products made through offshore manufacturing.

Cost-Effective Offshore Manufacturing of Custom Products

Businesses know when they rely on ITI Manufacturing we produce for them when it comes to custom product offshore manufacturing,  Specialized production processes requiring specific components and strict specifications is what ITI does best.  Relying on ITI Manufacturing to find the right offshore manufacturers while ensuring quality and competitive costs lifts a tremendous burden off our customers, allowing them more time to work on growing their business.

Customers rely on ITI Manufacturing for custom-designed products made of plastic, wood, metal, and electronic components.  Some categories are:

  • Solar-powered products
  • Polyester-resin decoratives
  • Glassware and packaging
  • Food processing tools and equipment
  • Hotel and restaurant accessories
  • Ceramics
  • Custom furniture
  • Emerging technologies
  • Retail consumer products

Our customers gain peace of mind knowing ITI Manufacturing assures no-manufacturing-defects. This goes a long way in reducing the “what is something goes wrong” question.

Leverage our Expertise to Your Company’s Benefit

Can you use ITI’s experience to your company’s benefit?  Contact us and let’s discuss it.  ITI Manufacturing is an American-owned company based near Houston, Texas.  We have a full-time dedicated staff based offshore.  Tap into the expertise and experience that over 40 years of offshore manufacturing offers.

Leverage ITI as a partner in your offshore manufacturing plans.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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