Need to work in China but Don’t Want to leave the office?


Today, whether it be COVID-19 or geopolitical issues, world issues plague the world economy, whether with shortages or late shipments. We live in a world of uncertainty yet to come. Regardless of where your company is, there is one eternal truth:  No one wants to be left behind. That is why ITI Manufacturing is your China manufacturing consultants!

That’s where ITI Manufacturing comes in.  If you were planning a trip to China to manage your offshore supply chain or discuss something face to face with your maker but have decided to stay put, you can still get the job done.  You never have to leave your office to accomplish what you need done in China.  ITI Manufacturing’s Chinese staff is at your service.

Our well-trained and experienced staff are located throughout China’s major manufacturing zones.  Our Chinese staff are dedicated and experienced manufacturing professionals adept at dealing directly with factory owners and personnel.  Getting things done at the factory level is our specialty.  It’s surprising what local people who speak the language and understand the culture can do.  ITI Manufacturing has been manufacturing in China since 1974.

China Manufacturing Consultants Are Here For You

It is so easy to utilize ITI Manufacturing as your resource it’s almost criminal.  We’re located in the Central Time Zone.  There is no need to be on the phone in the middle of the night, just call us during regular business hours; all it takes is one phone call to speak with our staff in our headquarters.  We can help you get set up to start manufacturing in China, tend to your current needs in China, and help you determine current delays in this very fluid world health crisis that is impacting global markets.

Our specialty is managing the entire offshore supply chain, manufacturing process, and we guarantee your product will be free from manufacturing defects.  We source the right factory and ensure your standards and specifications are met. Our help doesn’t stop there though, we ensure your goods arrive at the delivery point of your choice! ITI Manufacturing has the experience and know-how to get it done right the first time, on your behalf.

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We can manage any part of the supply chain, from sourcing to shipment and delivery.

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