Damaged Goods in Overseas Manufacturing

Overseas manufacturing presents a myriad of challenges for US businesses. The spectrum is broad, from finding the best manufacturer to ensuring that you acquire the right materials.  Minimizing the chances of damage or mistakes happening during the production process hinges on a combination of diligence, skill, and sometimes, even luck. However, even when “everything is done right” transit damage is always a real possibility for overseas manufacturing. You may have very well selected the best quality materials and are using a reputable manufacturer. However, cargo issues exist largely outside your control.

If you’ve received damaged goods there are actions you can take to correct the issue as well as safeguard against it happening again. Knowing what you can do is the first step to maintaining smooth business operations and keeping your total costs as low as possible.

What You Can Do About Overseas Manufacturing Issues

First, if you are using an offshore manufacturing liaison, contact them immediately.  With efficiency and expertise, a liaison can navigate the realms of overseas manufacturing to work with insurance, packaging, suppliers, and carriers. They can also negotiate with any additional entity that may be involved in the production and logistics of your shipment.  The ultimate goal is to replace the damaged goods as soon as possible. Fortunately, your offshore manufacturing liaison is the key to making this happen.

If you are not working with an offshore manufacturing liaison contact your insurance carrier immediately.   This should be your first step when a shipment has arrived damaged.  Your insurance carrier will examine the situation and determine who is responsible and if insurance will cover the damage.

ITI Helps Reduce the Chances of Damaged Products

An experienced liaison is your most powerful tool for correcting and preventing instances of damaged goods. ITI Manufacturing has 45 years of experience helping companies manufacture their products in China as well as other strategic areas of Asia.

Multilingual Staff

ITI staff is multilingual and multicultural, helping clients navigate the cultural differences between Asia and the US. This knowledge provides the support that ensures communication is correct, efficient, and that it’s understood on both sides of the ocean.

Professionals on the Ground

Asia is half a world away from the United States making it difficult to see what’s occurring there. ITI has professionals on the ground to ensure that factories use the correct materials. As professionals, they’ll also ensure that products meet your exact specifications and that products ship with the correct packaging.

Be Smart Overseas With ITI Manufacturing

Offshore manufacturing is as much an art as it is a science.  However, your company can take various precautions to mitigate manufacturing defects. In addition, supply disruptions from outside and uncontrollable forces are just as damaging to your business.  Working with an experienced offshore manufacturing liaison, however, is one of your most powerful tools. In fact, they can help get your business back to a solid footing when the unplanned happens.

Manufacturing in Asia is a powerful and cost-effective strategy for many businesses but there is no reason to go it alone. Start a conversation with us online and manufacture offshore the smart and easier way.  Or, if you prefer, call ITI Manufacturing toll-free at (281) 242-7030.

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