The Real Process Behind Custom Product Manufacturing

Companies offering custom made or patented products set themselves apart. When well-designed these products exemplify your company’s creativity and innovation. However, do you know exactly what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to custom product manufacturing? Read on.  ITI Manufacturing provides some insight on offshore manufacturing for custom items and how the process changes.

Custom Products in the Offshore Manufacturing Process

When it comes to the manufacturing process most people think of assembly lines or a series of machines through which a product flows during the manufacturing process. After all, these are the two most common types of manufacturing and they’re well-suited to rapidly creating high volumes of replicated products.

However, custom products cannot always take advantage of these hyper-efficient processes.

Unlike mass-produced goods, custom products:

    • Are often produced in smaller quantities
    • Typically require more adjustments than are pragmatic on large production lines.
    • Often need specific components unique to that particular product or uncommon materials.
    • Have more narrow specifications.
    • Will usually require two or more manufacturers to completely.

As a result, some manufacturers choose to specialize in custom products rather than large runs of replicated items. They may choose to specialize in specific classes of items such as custom glassware or custom furniture.  These manufacturers may choose to specialize in unique manufacturing processes that utilize specific materials. Such a level of specialization can make finding the right combination of manufacturers seems overwhelming.  However, with a skilled offshore manufacturing liaison on your side, it’s much easier to leverage this powerful element of the manufacturing industry.

How ITI Manufacturing Supports Custom Product Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is massive. When it comes to custom manufacturing, you will need additional expertise to locate and ensure the factory chosen is the right one.  ITI Manufacturing helps US companies manufacture custom products overseas by:

Connecting you with the right manufacturer the first time

Custom products often take longer to produce than off-the-shelf items because of the unique nature of their design.  They typically move between several manufacturers and have unique requirements. ITI Manufacturing coordinates the right manufacturers to move your product to market quickly and, at the same time, guaranteeing no manufacturing defects.

Finding the lowest-cost suppliers of custom components

Custom-designed and manufactured components made from specifically chosen materials can be a challenge.  However, ITI has the experience and expertise in virtually all types of manufacturing processes and materials and works with manufacturers face to face to ensure the most competitive prices as well as the best quality.

Implementing rigorous sampling and testing procedures

ITI works with clients to create a custom sampling and testing process for each unique product.  We test and inspect products both in-production and before shipping to guarantee quality.

Providing timeframe guidance

ITI help you budget and strategize your timeline based on our experience in the manufacturing industry. Only realistic timeframes are discussed.  Reality meets expectations.

Custom made, unique products manufactured offshore are a proven method of increasing profit, increasing brand awareness, and differentiating your company from the competition.  You send a strong message about your company’s creativity and innovation. With a skilled and experienced manufacturing liaison like ITI Manufacturing on your side having such items made offshore is easy, cost-effective, and smart.

Contact us via the web today to start a conversation about custom product manufacturing and what we can do for you. Or, call us at (281) 242-7030.

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