Utilizing a Skilled Offshore Manufacturer

Many options exist to choose a manufacturer for your products. Manufacturing domestically is one choice but may not be as cost-effective as you need it to be. Opening a factory in another county and/or partnering with an existing offshore factory is another option but one with a very heavy and long-term commitment.  This could ultimately help you cut costs but may not be the right choice for your company. A third alternative is utilizing a skilled offshore manufacturer to help you both reduce costs and maintain or even improve quality.

Why Should You Send Your Manufacturing Overseas?

For most U.S. companies the choice to manufacture their products overseas is one of cost. Labor costs in most Asian countries are less than what they are here in the U.S. Even with higher overseas transportation costs, goods manufactured offshore can cost 20% less or more than those produced domestically.  This translates into lower prices for your customers and higher profits for your company.

Offshore manufacturing isn’t just about costs. Many companies are surprised to find that skilled overseas manufacturers can produce high-quality goods. The key is to find an offshore manufacturer that meets your quality standards.

What Should You Expect When Using an Offshore Manufacturer?

Outsourcing manufacturing to an overseas company can go smoothly or it can be a total nightmare. It all depends on how much homework you put into finding a skilled offshore manufacturer and how strong the communications are between your two companies.

Comprehensive Capabilities

The homework part involves determining the manufacturer’s actual capabilities; not what they promise on their website but what they can produce in the real world. Sometimes you can get referrals from current customers.  However, this could be a huge challenge as many factories do not want to divulge who their customers are.  You could travel to the factory and see the products they have displayed in their samples room.  This will give you a good idea of the quality of work the factory can provide if you have the time and budget.

Consistent Communication

You will also want to examine their communications systems. You want a partner that returns your calls and emails promptly. Dealing with different time zones and languages makes communicating a challenge so you want a partner who’s done this before and knows how to make it work.  Pointed, scenario-based questions are best.

Convenient Connections with Your Offshore Manufacturer

You can find an offshore manufacturer by searching the web or attending an international manufacturing fair or trade show. Unfortunately, all you have to go on with a web search is what is on the website and there is no way of knowing the percentage of accuracy. All you have in talking with a factory at a trade show is the person who is there and samples of items they say have been manufactured in their factory.  Unfortunately, there is no way to “trust but verify” without visiting their factory. The fastest, best and safest way to find a reliable factory is to use an offshore manufacturer liaison like ITI Manufacturing. This is an error-proof way to find the right partner for you.

Take the 1st Step – Connect with ITI

ITI Manufacturing has more than 45 years of experience working with overseas manufacturers. We not only know which factories make good partners but we also manage the entire process, negotiate contracts, manage the production, testing, inspection, and the complete logistics including delivery to the destination of your choice. We station our professional staff onsite, at the factory, to ensure stringent quality control. In other words, we do the work for you and make the process work to your advantage.

Call us today at (281) 242-7030 for a free no-obligation consultation and to learn if this is right for you. We will quote your product’s production, including our NO MANUFACTURING DEFECTS GUARANTEE, at no charge to you.

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