The Big Catch: Sportfishing Industry in China

Sportfishing is and has been a popular pastime for many people globally. Since the days when Earnest Hemmingway alternated his home between Florida and Cuba, the sport’s rise in popularity has never decreased. Interestingly, market research shows a consistent growth globally with China and Japan’s consumer demand for sportfishing equipment rising more than most.

Since the Chinese government implemented a trawling ban, the amount of fish and their sizes in the waters surrounding Hong Kong have improved. The current projected growth of the global industry will be 2.7% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) until 2022. While this consistent increase in sportfishing interest continues many equipment manufacturers are opting to source their products from China.

Chinese Sportfishing Equipment Manufacturers

With increased popularity also comes more opportunities. The current list of equipment available from Chinese manufacturers is immense. From portable sonar fish finders and tackles to every type of rod, reel, or lure imaginable, the sportfishing equipment manufacturing industry is booming. This may be why leisure activity interest also improved.  Most analysts agree the rise in spending and availability of charters helped this growth to a large degree.

Traditionally, Chinese sportfishing only attracted expats living in Hong Kong. Participation today, however, has changed, and there is a wider mix of anglers. Called “bass-hunting” by the locals, finding available charters is becoming more difficult due to the rise in demand.

The Rise of American Goods in China’s Sportfishing Industry

There are over a dozen tournaments arranged every year, with hundreds of anglers joining in from all over the country. The clientele is generally wealthy, so they don’t scoff at importing US-made products for their fishing activities.

US-made boats are popular enough that the additional import taxes don’t scare off potential buyers.

China Tackled by the Lure of the Bait

While sportfishing isn’t something Chinese citizens were familiar with, it’s certainly gaining traction in the country. The concept of catch-and-release is still seen as odd by the locals.  However, the replenished fishing stock in the area ensures anglers have a good time on the water.

ITI Manufacturing at the ICAST Conference in Florida

The ICAST Sportfishing Trade Show Conference took place July 9-12, 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. ICAST is the largest trade show in the world of its kind. This annual event brings together the industry’s top names with anglers of all skill levels. ITI Manufacturing is always excited to attend this event.  Hopefully, we saw some of you there!  If not, we hope to see you next year!

If you need additional information on manufacturing your sportfishing equipment in China, contact ITI Manufacturing for expert advice, or call 281-242-7030.

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