Domestic or Offshore Manufacturing Challenges? We Can Help

If your manufacturer seems to be struggling to keep up with product demands, you may need to seek professional assistance. With all the changes and uncertainties that are lurking within the trade negotiations, you need an offshore manufacturing partner with experience. ITI Manufacturing is just the liaison firm you need.

Struggles with Domestic Manufacturing

Many USA-based companies that choose to manufacture domestically still report various struggles from their U.S. factories. For the most part, they still experience challenges with product quality, sourced materials, and/or manufacturing costs. If one or more of these instances fit your situation, offshore manufacturing may be the answer to your problems. Why? Well, the manufacturing capacity in Asia is practically unlimited.

At ITI Manufacturing, one of our selection criteria is to help you find a reliable, ‘right-sized’ manufacturer to fit your production needs. With so many Asian factories producing high-quality products, we’re sure to find a suitable one for your company’s supply needs.  We’re talking about your current as well as future production needs. Our navigation and negotiation process results in success most of the time. Yet, we’re cautious about applying different solutions when production capacity outstrips certain manufacturers’ throughput capabilities.

Struggles with Offshore Manufacturing

There are also times when U.S. companies are already outsourcing, but then begin experiencing offshore manufacturing challenges with their factories. With so much going on between the U.S. and China’s trade negotiations, some factories are already starting to shut down. What do you do? Contact the professional liaison services of ITI Manufacturing. If and when the situation presents itself, we can find another factory to successfully manufacture your products or parts.

ITI Has the Offshore Manufacturing Experience & Knowledge You Need

Whether your challenges are with domestic manufacturers or overseas factories, ITI Manufacturing is here to assist your company. Our clients can rely on the knowledge, experience, and understanding that our Asian staff has in coordinating offshore manufacturing. Because we work with hundreds of Asian manufacturers, our clients can also rely on our deep expertise in handling the complexities of doing business overseas. Their business systems are vastly different from the Western world.

However, the ability to consolidate one quality product from multiple factories can be a definite benefit to your company. Any time a company needs to source with multiple factories for various reasons, we’re able to negotiate and make it work. In fact, clients who need uninterrupted supply through the most extreme weather or national Holidays can rely on ITI. We will coordinate production in multiple locations.

We Are Here for You

ITI Manufacturing has been doing business in Asia for nearly 45 years. Many manufacturers from different industrial zones know us and have established great business relationships with us. This keeps us thoroughly knowledgeable and deeply integrated with the various offshore manufacturing cultures in Asia.

If you’re ready to put our experience to work for you, call us toll-free at (281) 242-7030. We’re always happy to help you work through each challenge and get back on track with success.

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