4 Industries That Rely On China Manufacturing

As the economy worldwide grows, some industries struggle to meet the ever-increasing demands of their consumers. More businesses today, in fact, are outsourcing to China manufacturing due to high costs and the increased need for production. However, there are still four industries in America that particularly continue to rely on China manufacturing.

Medical Products Manufacturers

Medical products manufacturers continue to have their products made in China in order to reduce costs. Moreover, it is important to them that they still receive high-quality products from China manufacturers. Often times, most of the medical devices and products that they manufacture are life-saving tools and equipment parts that help improve patient lives.

Electronics Industry

There’s no doubt that electronic products are still one of the top exports of China manufacturing. This is because we Americans love our electronic devices and the convenience of advanced technology. China represents just under 40% of the world’s production share of consumer electronics. Consequently, most of what they manufacture is for technology companies outside of China. Concerning the future of China manufacturing of electronics, some global economists still sense that production will continue increasing over the next decade. Though the progressive outcome of Made in China 2025 remains uncertain, the demand for electronics on a global scale shows no signs of slowing down.

Plastic Product Manufacturing

Plastics are literally everywhere, and there is no place on earth you can go to and not see or use them. This fact is due to the plastics industry’s heavy reliance on China manufacturing. Nearly every plastic container, tool, toy, or component, that we use each day is a product of outsourcing. Toys, electrical devices, and parts, in fact, are all the industry’s top manufactured plastic products. Because we rely on various kinds of plastics each day, this industry’s reliance on China manufacturing will also remain.

Clothing & Textiles

China manufacturing produces cloth and textiles with incredible frequency. As a matter of fact, it is the country’s number one export. Many American companies make use of Chinese textiles in their stores, particularly in the fashion industry. These high-quality, affordable textiles allow US clothing companies to meet the demands of an even-faster fashion cycle. Fortunately, many US companies are still able to receive high-quality made in China clothing and textile products.

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