Why You Need an Outsource Manufacturing Liaison

US Companies that have tried to manufacture in China by themselves will tell you: It’s difficult to go it alone.  Can it be done? Sure; but at what cost and how long do you have?  Some companies learn the hard way and, after earning many bumps and bruises, they eventually establish an outsourcing relationship. However, if you really want to see true outsource manufacturing success for your China-made products, you need a professional liaison. It’s the best way for you to experience success the first time around.

Companies choosing to partner with outsource manufacturing liaisons receive the expertise they need for their specific product and business situation. One size absolutely does NOT fit all. The most important thing you’ll realize in partnering with a liaison is that you don’t know what you don’t know. You’ll also learn other important pieces of information and various Chinese business practices and cultural “norms”. However, you’ll also be surprised to learn that some of these “norms” will be 180 degrees from what you’re expecting. And at the same time, you’ll find other things that have no direct translation to traditional US business practices. With a China manufacturing liaison partner, you can…

Benefit from Their Experience

An experienced China manufacturing expert is already “up to speed” on current outsource manufacturing issues and can mitigate issues you might not have the slightest idea even existed.  In many cases, reasons for mistakes and delays are caused by American companies not understanding China’s business or social culture.  It is possible for an American company to go it alone and have one or two successful shipments of product and start to feel pretty good about their ability to manufacture in China.

Then the third container arrives full of issues. How can this happen?  We didn’t change anything?!?  However, upon closer inspection, the material may be just a little bit different, the packaging material might be a little thinner, and the color of the product might not be quite the same shade of blue the past two shipments were.  Maybe the glue is no longer holding the packaging together.  Or, even worse, maybe it’s your distributors or consumers who are the ones who first notice issues.

Understand Chinese Business Culture

An outsource manufacturing liaison has an in-depth understanding of China’s business culture which is quite different from that in the US. They understand proper Chinese business etiquette as well as the ins and outs of negotiating terms that make sense for your specific product and company situation.  Consequently, their understanding and developed relationships allow them to match your unique situation to the right manufacturer.  An often-overlooked benefit of working with a company like ITI is that you will learn how China factory owners and managers think and what is important to them.  This helps you adjust your expectations and be able to incorporate this knowledge into future decision-making.

Match Up With the Right Manufacturer

With so many China manufacturers to choose from how do you know which one is the best one for your business? An experienced liaison company ensures that you’re matched with the best manufacturer for your particular product, quantity, timeframe, and level of quality (yes, there are levels of quality). They know which qualities to search for while sourcing the right factory.  A professional China manufacturing liaison is critical in choosing the right factory.  It’s not the standard questions you can download from the web that will make the critical difference.  The difference is in the nuanced questions asked by a native Chinese speaker, an experienced ITI China staff member with years of outsource manufacturing experience, that will truly determine if one particular factory is the right one for you and your product.

Receive Constant Communication

Finding the right factory is critical, no doubt, but what about on-going communication?  Most companies already know communication between two different countries with vastly different languages and in different time zones with different cultures can be a huge challenge. ITI, fortunately, has staff on the ground, in China, communicating directly with factory personnel. They will forward detailed information to our Sugar Land, Texas office. Since our China staffers are native Chinese speakers who also fluently speak and understand English, they interpret the information that they forward. Then, our Sourcing Team Leader receives the information and communicates with you in a way that’s familiar and easily understandable.

Establishing long-term relationships in outsource manufacturing leads to effective and efficient communication, the right quality of products, and an overall successful outcome. Manufacturing liaison companies like ITI Manufacturing have had these long-term relationships with many of the best China factories in place for years. Specifically, ITI has been cultivating and grooming relationships in China for nearly 45 years. Along with that time of building solid working relationships, we have gained exceptional experience and expertise from which our US customers benefit.  If you want consistent, successful results from your outsource manufacturing efforts, be sure to choose a liaison with extensive China sourcing industry experience.

Experience Quality Assurance

ITI guarantees no manufacturing defects because our system has been forged from 44 years of real-world experience.  Occasionally will something go wrong?  Yes.  No one can promise 100% perfect product 100% of the time.  What we can promise is that if there are manufacturing defects, we stand behind our guarantee and make it good.

Address Legal Concerns

There is a massive amount of paperwork involved with outsource manufacturing. ITI has a Chinese attorney on retainer in China who crafts all contracts between us the factory to ensure adherence to Chinese law. ITI handles it all up to and including paperwork generated from 3rd party testing labs as well as the paperwork generated from international logistics operations. With no effort on your part, ITI supplies you with all the paperwork that you will need and require.

Obtain Hassle-Free Delivery

Shipping and logistics can quickly become a concern if not managed. Companies must be confident their products will arrive at their intended location with no or minimal issues. ITI ensures your shipment will arrive safe and within your expected delivery timeframe. How? We do this by barring circumstances out of anyone’s control, such as inclement weather or a dock strike for example.

Call us toll-free at (281) 242-7030 and let’s discuss your specific issues. If you are currently manufacturing in China, how has outsource manufacturing not been what you expected it to be?  If you are new to China manufacturing, what are you most concerned about?  Call and speak with an ITI Manufacturing expert today! When you partner with ITI, you’ll learn that “China Manufacturing Isn’t as Scary as You Think”.

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