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Everyone knows products manufactured in China are made cheaply, right?  Sure, if they are designed that way.  Yes, if the manufacturer has not been properly vetted by a company that knows how to choose the right factory.  Of course, if there are no strategic partnerships with the right suppliers in place.  Absolutely, if quality control is not properly supervised, and, obviously, if an American company lured by the promise of a less expensive product does not understand the cultural differences that often are the root cause of many of the misunderstandings and manufacturing disasters.

While there are many additional “Yes” scenarios the unfortunate fact is that there are poorly regulated and unethical suppliers in China just as there are in all countries.

However, did you know that it’s also a fact that many well-known and respected brands, known for their consistency and quality, are also manufactured in China?  Did you know there are products of virtually all quality levels being manufactured in China by factories that run the gamut of quality up to, and including, those that maintain and operate at a Six Sigma level?  That’s 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

Most companies don’t need a Six Sigma level manufacturer. Companies want a less expensive product while maintaining or improving the current quality level, not a cheap product.   They need a manufacturer that can produce consistent quality as the company defines it.  Let’s say a business has a great product design idea and a successful future ahead of it but it needs its product made for less.  It’s important that company is not dissuaded from reaping the benefits of off shore manufacturing by the rumors and nightmarish stories told by  companies that were blindsided by “not knowing what they didn’t know” about manufacturing in China.

On the other hand, they should also be careful to not fall for the quick, mass production and low price schemes that some manufacturers – not just from China but from any part of the globe – may offer.

Today, in China, as in all countries including the USA, the old saying still holds true, “It’s who you know.”  ITI Manufacturing has been building their reputation and experience in manufacturing in Asia for over 40 years.  We continue to build strategic manufacturing partnerships with the goal of providing premium, quality, custom-manufactured products cost effectively, maximizing the value to your customers and your business.

Finding the right-sized factory with the right expertise is important.  Finding the right factory with the right business outlook and attitude is just as important.   Value and consistent quality can be had in China, if you know where to go and who to do business with.

Let ITI Manufacturing navigate the waters of off shore manufacturing for you.  It’s what we have been doing successfully for over 40 years.  Connect with us today!

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