Importance Of Quality Control When Manufacturing in China

Everyone agrees that quality control is important. However, what is “quality”? The meaning of “quality” from one person to another is subjective. As such the notion of what is considered “quality” is defined differently by different people. If you were to ask 3 people what a “quality product” is it’s likely you will hear 3 different answers. This is one reason why there is more than one brand of automobile, or television, or smart phone.

It is absolutely critical that the definition of what a business owner considers to be a “quality product” be clearly communicated to those who will be producing that product. This communication can be a challenge when working with domestic manufacturers. Imagine how much more important clearly communicating is when working off shore. Taking for granted people halfway around the world who speak a totally different language and have been raised in a totally different culture will see a product in the same way is unrealistic. Nothing can be taken for granted or assumed.

Once quality has been defined processes and procedures can be put into place to ensure that quality can be maintained. This is important for several reasons that extend far beyond the product itself.

Defective products are minimized. Materials are used in the most effective and economical manner. Waste is minimized. Profits are maximized. Customers know what to expect. Reputations are established. Referrals and recommendations to purchase and repurchase particular products are based on that product’s consistent quality.

When specific manufacturers establish a reputation for products that meet certain quality expectations their business increases. Other manufacturers see this and raise the quality control standards at their facilities. They succeed also. This reputation can spread to affect the reputation of an industry, a geographic region, or even an entire country. Ultimately, an argument can be made that effective quality control is one of the pillars of the world’s economy. The effects of geopolitics notwithstanding, countries that produce products with acceptable quality are the most developed and economically successful.

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