Eliminate The Risks Of Outsourcing Manufacturing To China

Outsourcing manufacturing to China can be a big risk for any business, especially if the company is unfamiliar with the outsourcing world. It can often feel like you are losing control of a key aspect of your business as well. However, by choosing a company like ITI as a liaison between your business and your desired Chinese manufacturer, you can enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing while minimizing the risks.

In today’s tough economic times, outsourcing is proving to be not just an option for many businesses, but inevitable for survival. While the marketplace continues to be crowded and tougher than ever, competing with affordable prices becomes a vital necessity. Ensuring that your business is able to receive the best possible price for manufactured goods while delivering the quality your customers expect is an integral part of succeeding in the marketplace.

China has distinct advantages over outsourcing your manufacturing to other Asian markets. While outsourcing to India has been a valid option in the past, their rapidly increasing inflation rates are hitting businesses hard and they are unable to compete with the prices of Chinese manufactured goods. China has long been educated and experienced in maintaining the rigorous requirements set by their Western business partners.

When your outsourced manufacturing is managed correctly, your business will be able to offer prices your customers can afford and are willing to pay, and allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. Having a liaison company such as ITI working on your behalf, negotiating the best possible deals and knowing the ins and outs of outsourcing your manufacturing to a foreign company can greatly increase your chances of saving crucial money while still offering the highest quality goods.

While other businesses choose to directly outsource their manufacturing, they are running a risky game of ending up with inferior products, time tables and deadlines not being met as well as losing vast sums of money on deals gone wrong. This not only puts their product reputation at risk, but also their business reputation.

It makes solid business sense to choose a company that is dedicated to providing you with your best possible options, are able to overcome cultural differences and break down any language or translation barriers.

Choosing to deal directly with outsourcing your goods can be risky at best and devastating to your company’s survival at worst.

Just a few of the dangers to consider by going it alone include:

  • The inability to get your exact requirements for your quality control specifications relayed to the full extent
  • The possibility of your product not meeting the country’s import laws and regulations
  • Being unable to do anything if there are shipping delays
  • Not being familiar with Chinese public holidays, and religious or cultural beliefs, which can affect the manufacturing and shipping process
  • Your intellectual property rights being infringed if you are unaware as to how they should be protected in a foreign country
  • Backdoor sales or employee theft of products

By working with a liaison company between your business and China, you alleviate the dangers while maintaining full control of your business goods. Contact ITI today and learn more about how we will help your business with outsourcing manufacturing to China.

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