The Future Of Chinese Manufacturing

For the individuals that are involved in the manufacturing industry, the ability to predict future trends is imperative for staying ahead of the competition and being profitable. Organizations should never stay complacent and worry about the now – the most profitable, innovative companies try to get an understanding of where the industry is heading

several years, or even decades into the future. To stay ahead of the curve, especially in the manufacturing industry, it is nearly impossible for organizations to ignore  China – a growing, powerful economy and home to the largest manufacturing base in the world. Understanding what direction China is likely to head in the future is an integral part of any organization’s future planning within the manufacturing industry.

Despite the delays in shipping during the latter part of 2014 and early part of this year, due to a West Coast port closure and standoff between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association, trade and manufacturing exported from China stayed relatively strong and projects to stay on that trajectory for most of FY 2015. Already, economists are factoring in many of the new measures China has enacted over the past several years – measures designed to attract more clients and efforts to create an atmosphere that is more friendly for overseas partners. While the long-term impact of these measures by the Chinese government remain yet to be seen, for now, such business-friendly intentions will allow organizations to invest with confidence in Chinese manufacturing services . For the companies already invested in Chinese manufacturing, such developments provide an encouraging trend, allowing them to continue and foster their overseas relationships and investments in China with confidence.

For the upcoming decade and beyond, the forecast for growth and sustainability in the Chinese manufacturing industry looks bright. Production changes in certain industries will likely to continue to favor overseas partners, but high-tech sectors are also projected to discover new growth in China. Not only will conditions in factories continue to improve in safety and quality, but China’s markets are also projected to produce more entrepreneurs and create additional factories that can compete for overseas business – this projected increased competition should keep prices at a competitive level, allowing organizations to make new inroads with future overseas partnerships in the manufacturing industry.

While it is always difficult to predict long term trends, the current metrics seem to indicate a resurgent manufacturing market overseas. More manufacturing growth should mean a better market for American companies that need overseas partners, and improved foreign policy relationships between the US and China may foster that development. More overseas manufacturing developing in other countries will drive China’s need to continue to compete in the manufacturing industry. The far future may cast China as not only the cheapest choice for having goods manufactured, but also the most reasonable.

China has a bright future, and manufacturing in China should certainly be something any business in that industry should consider. To ensure that organizations take advantage of the bright future in the manufacturing industry in China, it is imperative to make sure that outsourced manufacturing is done promptly with the help of experienced and proven industry leaders and to start fostering partnerships today. The future trends may be difficult to predict but having the right partnerships to help develop manufacturing needs will help make sure that your business will flourish.

If your organization is considering outsourcing your manufacturing needs, contact ITI Manufacturing today, a proven and reliable partner, and begin taking advantage of a bright outlook in the Chinese manufacturing industry.

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