Benefits of global Manufacturing with ITI as your Liaison

Global manufacturing is nothing new. From automakers to telecommunication companies, global manufacturing attracts key players from around the world. Below are several beneficial reasons why many companies choose global manufacturing for all their various manufacturing services.

Lower Labor Cost = Lower total product cost

One of the primary reasons companies are opting to have their products overseas is the high availability of low-cost labor. According to recent statistics, overseas manufacturing helps companies cut costs by significant amounts.

Strategic Location Leads to Effective Resource Utilization

Having locations around the world leads to your company being open and pliable in a global market. Global manufacturing services provide companies in the US the option of expanding production, and/or adding products without the capital investment and long-term commitment. Having manufacturers in the Asian Pacific Market means being close to growing markets in South Korea and India. Apple has made plans to shift manufacturing to Vietnam and India.

Access to Current Technology

China has realized the importance of its market in the global economy. They have spent the past few years developing, advancing, and refining their technological prowess. Simultaneously, high investments in development and research have helped China gain and maintain an advantage over other emerging markets.

International Supply Chain Management

US-based companies can, by finding a reliable manufacturing outsource liaison like ITI Manufacturing, have a simple, reliable, competitive, and efficient way to increase production. Moreover, ITI ensures a fast, successful start, along with international supply chain management and guaranteed product quality. Its service is made easy and tailored with your company in mind.

While domestic manufacturing is preferable for some companies, more firms are seeing the benefits of outsourcing. With its growing market, technological advantages, access to less expensive labor, and virtually unlimited production capacity, China has become the destination for manufacturing.

ITI Manufacturing has been providing reliable, consistent service to US clients for over 40 years.  Clients have come to rely on them for solid supply chain procurement and logistics, as well as professional assistance with the entire global manufacturing process.

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