The Strategic Positioning and Value Proposition of ITI Manufacturing

Many companies talk about their values and the “features and benefits” of doing business with them.  How many companies have conducted a systematic and statistical assessment of what their customers value and then focused their strategy solely on inputs that drive that value?  That is exactly what ITI Manufacturing did.  We surveyed our customers, determined their value drivers, measured, and correlated ITI activities that drive that value, and then intentionally focused only on those activities that actually drive value. 

“Me Too!”

Many companies in various industries are “Me Too!” companies.  They all sound the same, say the same things, and offer only marginal differentiation in their services.  ITI Manufacturing has never been a “Me Too!” company.  Most companies in our industry strive to provide quality products.  Most companies in our industry strive to be competitive and save their customers money.  ITI Manufacturing does that, too.  But how many companies in our industry have asked their customers what truly matters to them, as well as what their customers think is working and, maybe just as importantly, what does not matter?  We did.  We asked these questions and more.  What we learned gave us a choice.  Were we going to make the changes necessary to do the things our customer data said was important or were we going to be a “Me Too!” company?  We decided to listen to our customers.  We invested heavily in specific customer focused activities that align with what creates the most value for customers.  We made those changes and then communicated and demonstrated those changes to our customers.

To distill our value proposition, it is to provide excellence in supply chain predictability, certainty, and visibility that enables proactive production planning, inventory management, and shipment scheduling and to promise immediate acknowledgement, continuous follow-up, and resolution of all issues to our customers’ satisfaction.

Weekly Order and Shipment Updates

ITI Manufacturing weekly updates

We excel in offering real-time visibility, certainty, and predictability that enables proactive production planning, inventory management and shipment scheduling.  This translates into providing support on an ongoing basis and keeping our customer informed of their delivery date until their shipment arrives.  This is demonstrated in our weekly order and shipment updates. 

  • We monitor production of every order in every factory on a weekly basis and communicate those details to our customers. 
  • We monitor every shipment for current location on a weekly basis along with changes in ETA and communicate those details to our customer.

This allows our customers to be proactive instead of reactive.

Timely Issue Resolution

We immediately acknowledge and work to resolve, to our customers’ satisfaction, all issues, no matter the origin or cause, as quickly as possible.  ITI manages the complete offshore supply chain.  ITI owns the problem.  We keep our customers informed and updated as to the progress during issue resolution.  We make it easy for our customers to reach the right person and provide proactive notifications about quality issues.  We are intentional about issue resolution and internally track every issue from beginning to end until that issue is resolved to our customers’ satisfaction

  • We log issues as they occur
  • We acknowledge issues the same day we are notified
  • We follow-up with our customers frequently as issues are being investigated
  • We have a standard process to resolve issues quickly
  • We commit to resolving issues to our customer’s satisfaction as quickly as possible

This allows our customers peace of mind knowing ITI Manufacturing is working proactively to solve any issue that arises as quickly as possible to their satisfaction.

Internal Quality Control

Consistent product quality protects our customer’s reputation, lowers their total cost of ownership, and improves our customer’s competitiveness.  We are an extension of our customer.  Overseas, we represent our customer.  Everything we do is designed to be a benefit to our customer. 

  • We strive for repeatable and error-free performance
  • We provide a turnkey, customized solution that fully meets our customer’s needs
  • We strive to provide high quality, repeatable service, and product

We accomplish these goals with the processes we have put into place:

  • Every order has multiple in-process inspections as well as a final inspection.
  • Inspections are designed to be specifically tailored to the unique product being produced.
  • Our inspectors are part of our full-time, dedicated staff.  They are not 3rd party.
  • We protect our customers from manufacturing defects.
  • We have defined a proven process from initial project evaluation through delivery

Who is ITI Manufacturing?

ITI Manufacturing has been manufacturing and representing our customers with turnkey offshore manufacturing services since 1974.  It’s a fact we know what we’re doing and how to do it.  We continually adjust to our customer’s changing needs.  COVID and the resulting international shipping situation has impacted us all.  No one remains unaffected.  We continue to align ourselves with our customer’s changing needs to continue to be of maximum benefit to our customers. 

  • We ask questions beyond product specifications, questions related to our customer’s company and product goals. 
  • We strive to be a “concierge manufacturer”.  Every customer, every product, every component is unique.  “One size does not fit all.”  We are what our customers need us to be. 
  • We manage the manufacturing and logistics side of the equation allowing our customers to focus and execute their core competencies.
  • Every customer has a single point of contact
  • We allow our customers to plan instead of react

ITI Manufacturing goes beyond the product.

Why work with ITI Manufacturing?

ITI differentiates itself from the competition by providing excellence in what truly drives value for customers. 

  1. Detailed visibility, certainty, and predictability that enables proactive production planning, inventory management and shipment scheduling.  
  2. Immediate acknowledgement, continuous follow up, and resolution of issues to your satisfaction.  ITI owns the problem.

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