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ITI customers know ITI represents them offshore. They know ITI’s full-time, dedicated staff works as an extension of and represents the interests of their company. ITI releases a weekly update to all our customers. Every ITI customer receives a weekly update beginning with submitting a purchase order to the delivery and acceptance of the product. ITI customers know the facts about what is happening with their project from start to finish. And when there is an issue to be solved, ITI customers know ITI will immediately acknowledge the problem and strive to solve the issue to their satisfaction as quickly as possible. The latest ITI internal audit revealed that 98% of all problems were resolved within two weeks, and 85% were solved within a 24-hour timeframe. This commitment to our customers is the same regardless of the type of material or manufacturing process(es) involved. Read on to learn about some of the products we manufacture on behalf of our customers.

Metal Products

ITI's quality products - metal

Products and components made of metal is one of our largest categories.  We are not limited to any single industry or type of metal or manufacturing process.  Using our expertise and experience in finding, vetting, and working with factories to produce metal products and components that meets our customer’s requirements is what we do best.  Some of the metal products and components we have manufactured on behalf of our customers include truck tailgate platforms, hinges, air conditioning grills, rare earth magnets, pipe fittings, and dog kennels.  Processes include forgings, castings, CNC machining as well as a variety of surface treatments.

Plastic Products

ITI's quality products - plastics

Plastic products and components is also one of our larger categories.  Injection, rotational, blow molding, and extrusions are some of the processes required to manufacture our customer’s products and components.  The factories we manage as well as our own expertise and experience ensures your products meet your specifications.  Samples of the type of plastics we manufacture are child carriers, display faceplates, disposable razors, sleep cots, and hunting bow sights.

Wood Products

ITI's quality products - wood

We have manufactured many wood products over the years.  Some of the items we’ve produced include cutting boards, photo frames, and wine racks. Many species of wood found in North America can also be found in China.  However, some pieces require wood indigenous to North America.  If that is the case, we ship the required wood offshore, manufacture the products, and ship the finished goods back to the USA.

Electronic Products

ITI's quality products - electronics

Electronic components, assemblies, and products is also an important category.  The unique nature of electronics manufacturing allows us to take advantage of the experienced personnel in our Shenzhen office.  Our staff based in Shenzhen has years of experience working in the electronics manufacturing industry. Some of the electronic products we have manufactured are timers, motor controllers, air purifiers, pizza ovens, non-invasive lasers for the medical industry, LED candles, and a variety of circuit boards.  Our staff, together with the offshore factories we manage are experienced in the testing, burning in, and programming of electrical components.

Custom Products

A unique and exciting fact about ITI Manufacturing is we are an OEM contract manufacturer.  As such, we manufacture only unique, patented items.  No two products are alike.  The manufacturing processes may be similar, the material(s) may be similar, the finish may be similar, but the ability to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of each project we manufacture is what sets ITI Manufacturing apart.  We are so sure of our proven process and expertise we take the responsibility of protecting our customers from all manufacturing defects.

Medical Products

ITI's quality products - Medical devices

COVID has spread across the globe and ITI Manufacturing participated in getting the needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to health care professionals.  We sourced and produced medical masks, isolation gowns, and many other medical-related items. We work with many FDA listed and registered factories and ensure our customers’ certification requirements are met and properly documented.

Cut and Sewn

Textile products is another category for us.  We are not involved with fashion items but do have considerable experience and expertise with industrial and outdoor textile product manufacturing.  Examples would be industrial aprons, bibs, and pet beds.  Many of our cut and sewn items are components of other products, like gift bags.

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