Why Overseas Manufacturing Management Makes Sense

Have you been considering overseas manufacturing in China, Vietnam, or another county?  Many companies are interested in learning if manufacturing overseas is right for them.  Often when companies do a deep dive into what it takes to make it all happen it seems overwhelming so they end up trying to make the best of their current situation.  Being overwhelmed is understandable.

There are many ways to make expensive mistakes that present themselves after it’s too late.  This is one of the main reasons many companies have come to rely on ITI Manufacturing.  We have been manufacturing in China since 1974.  We have the proven experience and expertise to work with any company and successfully manufacture and deliver their customized product safely and with minimum delay and headache.

ITI usage of high tech in Chinese manufacturing and overseas manufacturing


Manufacturing overseas is overwhelming.  There are many questions:

  • Is overseas manufacturing right for me and my product?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • What if something goes wrong?
  • Which factory can best suit my needs?
  • Do I have to visit the factory?
  • How do I protect my intellectual property (IP)?
  • What am I supposed to do about customs, billing, and shipping?

These are valid questions and ITI can answer these questions and much more.  Our full-time, dedicated China staff has been representing our customers and solving issues face to face with factory owners for many years.  We first become familiar with the product and verify there is a benefit to manufacturing offshore.  We manage all of these details.  Our clients can choose to visit their factory or not.  Many of our clients have never been to China.

With the current Coronavirus epidemic, our clients are happy to have ITI Manufacturing’s China staff interact with the factory so they do not have to worry about travel restrictions or traveling abroad.  Our proprietary processes, developed during the past 40 + years, protect proprietary information (IP) and streamline the billing, shipping, and customs requirements so our clients sleep well at night.  Our clients can concentrate on growing their business with as little or as much involvement in the overseas manufacturing of their product as they like.


“It’s who you know” is a true saying.  This saying is especially true when manufacturing offshore.  If you know who to talk with and, just as importantly, who not to talk with, your project will move along smoothly.  Over 40 years, we have created relationships with reliable and trustworthy factories, industry experts, and material suppliers.  We know where to go and who to partner with so our client’s unique product with its unique design will be manufactured according to specifications time after time.  From the beginning of the project, ITI Manufacturing manages all of the details until our client takes possession of their goods at the destination of their choice.

Details are Managed

Another saying that is based on fact is: “The devil is in the details.”  Nowhere is that more true than offshore manufacturing.  It’s the missed details that often cause the “unforced errors” that plague many offshore manufacturing projects.  Over the past 40+ years, ITI Manufacturing has developed a unique, focused, methodical approach to offshore manufacturing that removes the chances an “unforced error” will derail an otherwise successful manufacturing experience.  Can all problems and issues be avoided?  No, they cannot.  However, when issues and problems do arise, ITI Manufacturing is there, on site, to solve them.  Our clients tell us this is one of the major benefits of working with ITI Manufacturing.

Get Started with Offshore Manufacturing Today

Are you considering manufacturing your products offshore?  We would love to meet with you and discuss the details of your situation.  We will tell you the facts.  It doesn’t matter if your product ends up being better manufactured offshore or domestically.  We will tell you either way.  Talking with us is the perfect way to begin.  We will review your product and situation and answer your questions.  You will likely learn answers to questions you did not know to ask.  And, if you want to know exactly what the landed cost of your product will be (not a guess, but a verified, guaranteed quote) we can provide that as well.

With the current travel restrictions to China, you may be concerned about having eyes and ears on the ground.  No need to worry.  We are on the ground in China working out of eight different locations.  We can pick up the ball and run with it on your behalf until it is safe for you to travel there again.

If your company is currently manufacturing in China and experiencing challenges, you may need to discuss OMS, our offshore management service.

Let us help you as we have helped our clients for the pasts 46 years.

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