Importance of Timely Delivery with Offshore Manufacturers

No matter where your products originate disrupted supply chains that delay customer deliveries can result in disruptions throughout your organization. In addition, keeping track of your goods during the manufacturing and production cycles remains a challenge in many instances. Not to mention your attempts to stay up-to-date on the final transport and distribution stages. As purchasers attempt to keep up with increased consumer demands, delayed shipments can lead to losses in revenue and customers. This is why timely delivery is so vital.

Outsourcing your manufacturing supply chain can provide many benefits to your company. However, the biggest risk remains in timely delivery from offshore manufacturers. To mitigate the risks, especially for companies developing a new supply chain, collaborating with an experienced offshore manufacturing liaison partner like ITI Manufacturing, offers solutions to this risk.

Elements that Ensure Timely Delivery from an Offshore Manufacturing Supply Chain

Maintaining inventory and supplies from offshore makers is critical no matter if your company is sourcing raw materials, components, or the final product assembly. The more you rely on offshore suppliers the greater the risk exposure. Working with regional experts and industry leaders provides the expertise needed to remain competitive even in the current economic climate.

Sourcing Product Suppliers from Abroad with Exacting Standards

Everything from the local culture and language could affect the timely delivery of your shipments. Offshore liaisons like ITI Manufacturing have local representatives and agents to help. We know the regional nuances and customs for almost all offshore manufacturing zones. The timelines primarily depend on product complexity and the factory’s manufacturing capabilities. This makes it essential to identify quality suppliers early during the process.

Open and clear communication channels will ensure everyone stays on schedule and all stakeholders can manage any issues that may arise efficiently. Another consideration is the product’s overall quality. While most manufacturers work to produce the quantities requested, guaranteeing the quality of each item may become a lower priority.

Why Product Details and Specifications Matter

Having product details and specifications well documented can oftentimes be complex and time-consuming.  So, when you have clearly documented and complete information available, that jumpstarts getting the project moving in the right direction. With complete specifications, dimensions, materials, finish, packaging, testing, and inspection criteria it’s much easier to “begin the project with the end in mind” rather than the starting, stopping, redirecting and/or delays that can happen when details are lacking.

In addition to product specifications, there is a long list of non-product specific questions to consider including:  Is the initial ship date unrealistic due to the nature of the manufacturing processes, “cure” time, customer sample approval, long lead time components, or holidays not taken into consideration?

Obtain Timely Delivery with a Reliable Offshore Product Manufacturer

No matter what time of year it is, or where you are in your business cycle, working with ITI Manufacturing can help ensure you are moving in the right direction.  Trade talks between the USA and China, at the writing of this blog, seem to be heading in the right direction. However, based on the recent past, there’s no guarantee of what next week will bring. The bottom line is that business must continue on. That said, American companies still need to sell products to retailers. Furthermore, retailers still need products to sell to consumers. American companies must continue to do what American companies have always done…  Find a way to sustain.

This is where companies like ITI Manufacturing come in. We have long-term experience with sourcing in China, South Korea, and Vietnam. And we have the expertise to source your product, giving you the best price with the best guarantee against manufacturing defects you can find.  If, because of the tariffs, you’re paying more for your manufactured product, wouldn’t it make sense for that product to be as good as it can be? And wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a guarantee of quality?

Regarding timely delivery, barring influences which no one can control, ITI Manufacturing ensures timely delivery of your products with the quality you have defined. This is our guarantee… period.

To find out more please call us and speak to one of our expert consultants at (281) 242-7030. Like our current, long-term, satisfied customers, you can rely on our years of ITI Manufacturing liaison experience.


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