The Latest on Imported Product Testing

Product testing is an important part of any manufacturing process, whether it happens domestically overseas. There are many safety standards and regulations to which consumer products must adhere. Doing so ensures that a product is safe and of superior quality before it enters the market.

ITI Manufacturing is experienced at supporting US companies with testing their manufactured products in Asia. Read on to discover why this is important and the benefits it delivers.

Compliance & the Importance of Product Testing

Product testing ensures that a consumer good is safe, but it’s important not just from a safety standpoint. Today, there is usually at least one safety standard or regulation that applies to any consumer goods that factories import and sell in the U.S. Therefore, product testing is necessary because:

  • Regulations aren’t universal. Places like the United States and the European Union have very specific compliance and safety regulations for their products. That may not be true in other countries.
  • Things can go wrong in the manufacturing process. Occasionally, something may happen in the manufacturing process that impacts whether a product is safe or compliant. While a manufacturing liaison can help spot these things, product testing helps catch it before it goes to the market.
  • Importers are responsible for compliance, not manufacturers. Businesses that import goods into the US are responsible for ensuring that those goods adhere to these requirements. That makes third-party testing crucial.

What Does Ensuring a Safe, Effective Product Involve?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), third-party testing is the only way to ensure a safe, effective product. This requirement also applies to certain classes of products, such as those meant for children.

There are several elements involved in product testing that businesses need to consider. These include:

  • Test costs range according to material and complexity but may run as much as $300 per test.
  • Time frames. Testing can take a little as one day or up to months. It’s important to ask about this time frame upfront.
  • Products may require specific labeling, require specific tests, or be subject to special legal requirements – for example, if they’re consumable.
  • There are many different regulations to which a product may be subject. For example, the CPSC has a whole list of regulations for children’s toys produced overseas.

How ITI Manufacturing Helps Companies with Product Testing

Product testing ensures that a product is safe and legally compliant with the regulations. Working with a manufacturing liaison can help make this process as smooth as possible. Experienced liaisons such as ITI Manufacturing help plan ahead to avoid delays by building into outsourcing strategies the time for the necessary testing to occur. Likewise, such a partnership can also help companies avoid difficulties by connecting with reputable suppliers, suitable alternatives, or options for substitute materials.

Together with ITI Manufacturing, your company can deliver quality, compliant, safe products to your consumers here at home.

ITI Manufacturing is an experienced manufacturing liaison for suppliers in Asia. Contact us today to get started, or call us toll-free at (281) 242-7030 for immediate assistance.

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