ITI Manufacturing Celebrates 45 Years of Service

In case you didn’t know, since 1974, ITI Manufacturing has provided professional offshore manufacturing liaison services to U.S.-based companies. It has been our privilege to serve businesses and become their trusted partner in outsource manufacturing. And despite the uncertainties that lie ahead concerning the trade war between China and the U.S., we are still here to help our clients manufacture offshore with success. Get to know us a little more intently as we celebrate 45 years of service excellence!

Vast Network of Top Asian Manufacturers

Many of ITI’s clients offer products that run the gamut of what you might find in various retail stores across America. How so? It’s because, through the years, we’ve been able to match and connect the needs of U.S. businesses with suitable Asian manufacturers.

For the last 45 years, ITI Manufacturing has been able to negotiate strong business partnerships with many quality factories in various Asian countries, including China. Because of that established foundation, your company doesn’t have to go to Asia to build a team from scratch. You have ITI to help! Our experts already know the business culture and customs, the people, and can speak the language to help lay down the preliminary work. We help you establish a firm business connection and ensure your products are made to exacting specifications.

We Have a Knack for Quality Manufacturing

It seems like product cost is still the main reason why companies choose offshore manufacturing. But did you also know that the old saying “You get what you pay for” still comes along with that reason? Fortunately, ITI and other smart businesses know that price alone is not enough to dictate the market. Quality, for example, is even more important, especially depending on the type of product you are selling. When your company chooses to work with quality manufacturers to produce quality products, you quickly turn your buyers into brand loyal evangelists!

This is why we’ve learned to maintain our knack for recognizing the quality of the products coming from Asian factories. At ITI Manufacturing, we put our reputation to the test. For example, we use experienced inspectors who work on the grounds of these partnering manufacturers. They are our quality control, regularly monitoring production lines and completed products to ensure they pass high standards.

Guaranteed Shipments From Factory to Shelf

Without on-time delivery, product excellence means nothing; this is our philosophy and delivery guarantee. At ITI, we make sure that our U.S. companies get their products when or before they need them. For instance, we ensure on-time shipments because we are the ones who arrange everything for those shipments. We also take care of all the fees to import the goods. This way, clients only have to pay after they have received and inspected their manufactured products. It’s a win-win no-hassle solution that works throughout each step of the manufacturing process.

Overall, we know that missed opportunities can wipe out any projected savings. We want to ensure that you reap the benefits of offshore manufacturing. To learn more about what ITI Manufacturing can do for you, contact us today. And for immediate assistance, call us toll-free at (281) 242-7030.

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