Asia’s Silicon Valley of Digital Manufacturing

If you want to know where digital innovation exists in Asia, pay a visit to Shenzhen, China.  It remains a top-tier city for digital gadgets and manufacturing parts and other electrical components for PCs, Smartphones, and the like.  For instance, there are factories in the city where you can build a cell phone in a matter of hours.  And despite the copycatting that happens in Shenzhen, there’s much more innovation happening in what the world terms as Asia’s ‘Silicon Valley’ of manufacturing.

Easy Access to Technology

Spread across the city, the digital market is home to vendors that sell various parts to make various electronic devices. For instance, you could easily find accessible part of making cameras, computers, smartphones, motherboards, and other devices from scratch. For electrical technicians with a passion for innovation, the city is like a dream. There is access to various bits and all the right electrical components to develop whatever you can imagine.

This is perhaps why companies like Apple and Samsung choose outsource manufacturing in the heart of where technology meets innovation. Moreover, many of the manufacturers don’t just make smartphones and PCs. U.S. companies needing parts for almost any kind of consumer electronics device can find a great factory with the capacity to make high-quality products. To accomplish this, however, they’ll also need an experienced outsource manufacturing liaison like ITI to help ensure products are made to specification.

Technological Manufacturing Advantages

To fully understand the breadth of this digital hardware manufacturing hub, we must first consider its beginnings. Over 40 years ago, Shenzhen was a small fishing village on the outskirts of Hong Kong. But today, it’s a dazzling metropolis and home to over 12 million people. With all the human talent that spawns from the area, it quickly rose to dominance in the 1980s and continues to buzz as a worldwide supply chain for consumer technology.

Home to Many Technical Giants

One top advantage is its sheer size that is conducive to the number of big tech companies that operate there. In the 1990s, Shenzhen became the world’s “factory floor”, producing millions of popular consumer and industrial products. This is how the city obtained its name as Asia’s equivalent to America’s Silicon Valley. As such, it has also become a magnet for ambitious young business owners and startup companies across Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

Quick Turnaround Times

Various CEOs and company owners discuss how manufacturers there can quickly evaluate product ideas and design them spot on. With so many large digital factories, it’s not hard to find the right kinds of hardware development engineers.

Overall, the manufacturing companies in Shenzhen are pretty much poised to get products completed quickly and efficiently. Product development at a fast pace is another one of their top advantages. Yet, to ensure product quality and maintain a good working relationship with manufacturers, companies need a reliable liaison firm. At ITI Manufacturing, we make sure that your products possess the high-quality specifications you requested while also keeping you informed of the progress. Whether your company needs a rapid turnaround time in hours, or standard days or weeks, we make sure it’s done.

Manufacturing Disadvantage

The top concern with manufacturing in Shenzhen is that copycatting is still happening there. It seems that IP (intellectual property) rights are nonexistent; however, with the right legal protections in place with help from ITI, this certainly helps. The good news is there’s innovation also at work in Shenzhen, and more so in fact. What many companies find is that manufacturers and free-lance technicians will take ideas and technology inventions from existing devices and come up with new improvements.

Steven Yang, a former Google employer, stated that today, Shenzhen is about 70% innovation and 30% copycatting, as compared to 10 years ago, when they produced closer to 90% counterfeit or knockoff products.  Fortunately, it seems as though Chinese manufacturers are learning to up their game and do better with developing innovative products year over year.

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