ITI Manufacturing Supports Customers with Five Popular Types of Custom Offshore Plastic Products

Many companies need quality products manufactured offshore with specialty plastic resin grades – from plastic forks to medical devices. Knowing the right factories to engage in for cost-effective offshore manufacturing is often challenging. When US-based companies look to have custom plastic items made offshore, they need to look no further than the helpful people at ITI Manufacturing.  Here are five examples of high-quality custom plastic products. 

Offshore Plastic Products Manufacturing Made Easy 

ITI Manufacturing helps customers take advantage of the fact that the cost of molds is significantly less expensive offshore.  ITI knows the right factories to go to for each unique product based on the manufacturing process required: thermoforming, extrusion, injection molding, injection blow molding, and extrusion blow molding. Following is information on the five most popular types of custom-made plastic products manufactured offshore. 

Child and Baby Products 

Custom-designed baby bottles and child carriers are among the most common custom-made plastic child and baby products manufactured offshore. ITI works with factories that use the best injection and blow-molding materials on the market used to manufacture custom items like baby bottles.  

custom made plastic product

Outdoor Accessories 

ITI has working relationships with quality factories making outdoor items customized to customer specifications such as garden chemical sprayers, hunting bow sights, and decorative items. Polyethylene is one of the most common thermoplastic resins.  

Electronic Parts 

Some of the most common custom-made electronic parts manufactured offshore include computer components, populated PCB’s, cellphones, display faceplates, and electrical connectors. ITI can shorten the time needed to source and quote the right offshore manufacturer to reliably produce a wide range of plastic parts used with electronics. ITI knows the quality factories that can produce very large quantities of finished electronic products, assemblies, and harnesses. For example, Lenovo, one of the largest computer hardware manufacturing companies globally, manufactures offshore. 

Plastic Furniture 

Popular custom plastic products include outdoor chairs and sleep cots. ITI ensures customers are utilizing the factories that have the right expertise in using the right materials and resins customers specify.  ITI helps their customers take advantage of the expertise offshore factories have using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. There are many factories offshore.  Asia controls roughly 42% of the HDPE market. ITI knows the right ones to use.  

Kitchen Utensils 

China is the leading producer of polypropylene (PP), a commonly used thermoplastic polymer: roughly 20% of all PP.  It’s important to use the exact material when producing plastic eating utensils. Customers rely on ITI Manufacturing to find the factories that can not only manufacture to speciation’s but to consistently use the materials that are specified. 

ITI Manufacturing can Source and Manage Your Offshore Plastic Products 

Finding the right overseas manufacturing for your custom-made plastic products can be hassle-free.  Let ITI Manufacturing do the work.  All you need to do is list your requirements.  ITI Manufacturing’s full-time, dedicated staff will ensure the factory will meet or exceed those requirements.  Excellent customer service, support. and quality products are what ITI Manufacturing is known for.  ITI Manufacturing has been servicing customers for more than 45 years. 

Contact us today and request a no-obligation consultation.  

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