Keep Control Of Your Products With China Manufacturers

Importing successfully from China manufacturers requires knowhow and diligence. Just knowing what you want and finding a factory that produces a similar type product, while obviously important, is just the beginning.

Over and above the checks and confirmations needed from ensuring the proper raw materials are ordered, those orders are filled accurately, and the materials arrive at the producing factory on time to the colors, specifications, fit and finish, and functionality of the finished product, there is also the final inspection and exporting (from China) and importing (into the USA) and all of the detail that is involved.

There are a couple of ways to go with the inspecting phase. First, you can hire a contract inspection service and detail out what you want them to check. They have no responsibility for the quality of the products and will check only what you detail out for them. If you forget something or miscommunicate your criteria you are responsible. Another way to go is to work through a full-service off shore manufacturing firm like ITI Manufacturing. They not only thoroughly understand your product and source the right China manufacturer; they manage the entire process, including the final inspection. They know the details of your product because they have already worked intimately with and understand the details. They are not coming in at the last minute and running through a list of checkpoints. In addition, ITI Manufacturing guarantees every shipment will be free of manufacturing defects. The hired inspection services cannot offer this guarantee. When you are relying on a China manufacturer half way around the world to make and ship your product with no manufacturing defects it is good to know you have a dedicated team in China, on site, to ensure things are right.

Exporting and Importing Your Products

An important aspect of outsourcing your product is ensuring that they will arrive at their destination without unnecessary delays. One cause of unnecessary delay is the detailed paperwork that must be completed in advance to ensure the container arrives at the factory on time and the container is then delivered to the port in a timely manner so your products can sail on time. This is true no matter if your customer is taking possession of the goods in China or they will be delivered directly to your warehouse in the USA (or other country). ITI Manufacturing works directly with the China manufacturer as well as the exporting agencies in China as well as the importing agencies in the USA to ensure a seamless transport.

Quality Assurance

As many companies have found out the hard way just because an acceptable sample has been received, a deposit has been tendered, and there is a PO in place, all may not be well.

China manufacturers realize quality is important and reorders are the key to having a successful business. However, many things can happen along the way and there are so many different people and entities involved with the production process the chances for mistakes are high. This is another example of where a company like ITI Manufacturing comes in. ITI works directly with you as well as the China manufacturer. ITI is the glue that holds all of the moving parts of the total manufacturing process together. ITI not only takes the time to thoroughly understand the product they establish a relationship with the China manufacturer chosen to produce your product in a way that fosters the cooperation and attention to detail needed for successful, repeated quality.

Each company and each product presents its own unique challenges. If you are considering a Chinese manufacturer or if you are currently having issues with your off shore manufacturing situation talk with the experts at ITI. ITI Manufacturing helps you keep control of your product.

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