Made In China: Misconceptions

Currently, consumers find themselves amidst thousands of goods with the label “Made in China.” Ranging from electronics to towels and shoes, such goods are part of everyday life. Items created in China have acquired a negative reputation over the years, though. For some reason, most consumers equate Chinese-made goods with poor quality. Others even assume that these items pose health hazards. While some truth exists here, the fact is that there’s nothing wrong with China manufacturers.

Assumptions of Low Quality, Dangerous Chemicals, and More

When it comes to products made in China, consumers need to stop making assumptions. Not all Chinese goods are low quality, poorly built, and downright dangerous. In fact, most items produced in the country are built to a company’s exact specifications. Consumers want to blame the country, but they need to start shifting blame to the given specifications. An item that’s designed poorly in the first place will contain numerous defects. Obviously, this isn’t the fault of the manufacturer.

An Example of Manufacturing Perfection: The Apple iPhone

Take, for instance, the beloved Apple iPhone. These days, most iPhone models are manufactured and assembled in China. Perhaps no other smartphone is known for its build quality and luxury feel. The device shows what China manufacturers are capable of today. Unfortunately, consumers tend to overlook the marvels of Chinese manufacturing’s efficiency and quality. Some problem manufacturers do exist, but more often, it’s the companies who must be careful with their product specifications.

Ordering Companies Set Specs; Manufacturers Simply Follow the Specs

All goods that carry the “Made in China” label are built to specification. If a company orders furniture and customers later buy low quality furniture, then that company ordered lackluster furniture. However, the manufacturer in China did nothing wrong in following the orderer’s specifications. It’s a simple situation in which blame is cast in the wrong direction. China manufacturers can create high quality consumer goods time and time again. Of course, businesses want to save money and may opt for cheaper materials for their products, but this is a risk that they must determine regardless of where they choose to manufacture.

Seeing the Truth: Custom Manufacturing for Small Businesses

In today’s world, any business can take advantage of custom manufacturing in China. Even hesitant business owners often discover how reliable China manufacturers are upon receiving their first order. When a business owner orders custom items with quality materials, they receive exactly what they ask for. Therefore, a small business owner will often be surprised at how closely manufacturers match specifications. Chinese manufacturers are dedicated to improving their unjustly tarnished image, and they work closely with businesses today for custom manufacturing.

A Tarnished Reputation on The Mend

Some of the world’s most popular consumer goods are made in China right now. This includes the iPhone, high-end televisions, and even simple consumer products. Sometimes, consumers are shocked to find out that their favorite products are created in another country. Some China manufacturers produce comparable, sometimes better, goods than their American counterparts. Even though China gets a bad reputation for its manufacturers, more and more people are starting to see how misguided their preconceptions are.

Here at ITI, we know that all manufacturing partners we work with produce high quality goods and are capable of customizing to any desired specs. Contact us today to learn what manufacturing in China can do for your business.

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