Manufacturing Pet Products Offshore

The pet products market is still booming on a global scale and many of those products are manufactured offshore. U.S. companies looking for offshore pet products manufacturing partners can find many good choices… That’s if you know where to find them.

Which Products are Popular for Manufacturing in Asia?

According to a study by Grand View Research, economists expect the global pet care market to grow to $202 billion by 2025. That’s up from $131 billion in 2016 for a compound annual growth rate of 4.9%.

With the market for pet care products growing at these rates, manufacturing is also on the rise. This is especially the case in Asian countries. Thousands of Asian manufacturers produce products for sale throughout Asia and for import into the U.S. and Europe.

Pet Food

As it stands, pet food is the largest segment of the pet products industry with 42% of total sales. Pet owners in the USA spend an average of $259 a year on food for their dogs. Additionally, there are those who spend $228 on food for their cats. These figures do not include “treats”! As such, many manufacturers throughout Asia specialize in pet food production or at least the manufacturing of component ingredients.

Pet Supplies

Concerning pet supplies and over-the-counter medicine, they represent 22% of the total pet product market worldwide. According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, dog owners alone spend an average of $48 a year on toys for their pets. Many Asian manufacturers, for instance, make these products for distribution to other Asian countries, the U.S., and Europe as well.

Various Accessories

What kinds of pet accessories are manufactured in Asia? Pretty much anything you can think of including dog and cat kennels, sofas, leashes, cat trees, pet clothing of all kinds and sizes, bowls and other feeding equipment, grooming brushes, pet shampoo, cleaning products, travel accessories, pet tracking devices, and an almost infinite number of pet toys.

Pet Product Manufacturers in Asia

Asian countries host numerous manufacturers specializing either in pet food or pet supplies. Pet Fair Asia 2020 in Shanghai is expected to host more than 2,000 pet supplier exhibitors with manufacturers from China, India, and Thailand among the largest producers.

According to the 2019 Alltech Global Feed Survey, pet food production grew 13% in the Asia Pacific region from 2017-2018. This growth was led by increased production in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Thailand.

How ITI Can Help You Manufacture Your Pet Products Offshore

With so many offshore manufacturing options available how do you find the best manufacturers for your pet-related products?

ITI Manufacturing has more than 45 years of experiencing working with offshore manufacturers in a variety of industries including the pet products industry. We work only with reliable and proven pet product manufacturers in Asia.  We can help you find new suppliers, negotiate contracts, and manage the entire manufacturing process.

Learn more about successfully outsourcing your pet product manufacturing with ITI Manufacturing today. In fact, you can give us a call and speak with one of our experts at (281) 242-7030.

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