Myths About China-Made Products: Debunked

Despite the wide variety of products in just about any industry being manufactured in China, myths about China manufacturing persist. It is important for business owners to understand the facts instead of relying on myths. China is still the most well-developed, experienced, and beneficial offshore manufacturing destination for American companies.

Myth #1 — Trade Wars Will Significantly Impact Companies in the US

The current tariff dustup between the United States and China is a disruptive force for many American as well as Chinese businesses. Reading the news daily just to keep up is a must. The changes in percentages, the categories, and then the subsequent increase(s) in percentages to those specific product categories (and additional products) can be confusing and, quite frankly, maddening. One thing to keep in mind is the high possibility that the tariffs as they are today will most likely change in the future. Many products that have been and continue to be made in China are being imported and are still in demand despite the tariffs. Companies selling products that are highly ‘price sensitive’, may need to make difficult decisions that go well beyond simply passing the higher costs on to the consumer.

Myth #2 — China-Made Products are Made with Inferior Materials

With China manufacturing, you can have anything you want, any quality you want, and at just about any price point. But, you need to specify exactly what you want. That is the reality. The fallacy is in the belief that every product will be less expensive just because it’s “Made in China”. This is not true. Remember, material costs, with few exceptions, are similar the world over. The labor component is where the true savings comes in. The smaller the labor component the less you will save by going offshore.  As far are inferior materials are concerned there can be found in China the most expensive materials on the planet but also materials that are touted as “equivalent” and are anything but. The term caveat emptor has never been more relevant than here. If you specify a particular material it is always best to “trust but verify”.

Myth #3 — China-Made Products are Low-Quality

Quality is a relative term. As in any manufacturing environment, a product, if the product is manufactured to the design specifications, it will be the exact quality specified. Verifying the quality of the end product is the purchaser’s responsibility. A great many Chinese factories work hard to ensure the products they manufacture meet standards and specifications. They ensure meeting product standards not only in color and materials, but also in fit, finish, and operating requirements. Made in China products can be and are “world class” for many well-known, high-end companies.

Myth #4 — It’s Too Difficult to Work with Overseas Manufacturers

The differences in language, working hours, and culture can make it difficult for USA-based companies to work together with manufacturers in China. This is a fact. However, these challenges are not a reason to avoid working with a Chinese manufacturer. Professional manufacturing liaisons are available to help US-based companies connect with the right manufacturer in China. Companies like ITI Manufacturing, who has been manufacturing in Asia since 1974, can ensure US companies obtain the quality products made from quality materials that they have specified. Another interesting fact is ITI Manufacturing guarantees there will be no manufacturing defects in any shipment.

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