Offshore Management Service: A Valuable Relationship

Are you considering manufacturing offshore?  Many businesses have chosen to move their manufacturing overseas due in large part to the cost savings.   Yet, getting started with manufacturing in another country can be a daunting task and you may feel defeated before you even get started.

Don’t give up on the idea of manufacturing in China or elsewhere quite yet! There is good news!  Offshore management services, like those offered by ITI Manufacturing, can help you make the move to offshore manufacturing.  Teaming up with ITI Manufacturing, utilizing our offshore management services, will allow you to focus on running your business while we handle the manufacturing logistics.


A Guide Through the Process

Not sure offshore manufacturing is right for you because it seems so complicated? This is precisely why the relationship with an offshore management service will serve you well.  This service works as a guide, taking you by the hand and helping to guide you through the process.

ITI Manufacturing has been helping business owners with offshore manufacturing since 1974. In that time, we have ironed out all the wrinkles and have been able to streamline the process, so can run your business while also having new products manufactured.  We would love to guide you through this process and be your manufacturing liaison through our offshore manufacturing service.  Are you ready to get started?

Factory Selection

Any time you outsource manufacturing factory selection is very important. When you move your manufacturing offshore you may feel overwhelmed by the choices and worry about the legitimacy of the operation.  As your offshore manufacturing service provider, ITI Manufacturing can help you choose the right factory for your needs.  Since the 70’s we have been working with a wide variety of factories and we can help guide you.

ITI Manufacturing also has employees on the ground in China that can visit factories and ensure they are well equipped to handle the manufacturing of your product. Of course, you are always welcome to visit the factories yourself, but if you cannot or choose not to travel, ITI Manufacturing can be your eyes and ears on the ground.

Ongoing Relationships

Because we have been assisting business owners with their manufacturing in China for nearly 50 years, we have the benefit of ongoing relationships with factories.  Having people on the ground in China who speak the language and understand the cultural customs ensures that the process of selecting a factory and the production goes as smoothly as possible.  These ongoing relationships are built over time, involving satisfactory partnerships and respect. While individuals can travel to China to tour and vet factories and manufacture with confidence, relying on long-term, ongoing relationships make the process so much simpler for everyone involved.

Quality Control & Intellectual Property Concerns

Quality control and intellectual property concerns are valid.  If you have avoided manufacturing overseas because you are worried about your intellectual property, ITI Manufacturing can help.  We only work with the most respected factories and the protection of your property is always a priority of ours.  We can provide you with insight on best practices where your intellectual property rights are concerned.

Worried about quality control?  The manufacturing process never moves forward until you approve the quality of samples. If you are happy with the quality of the samples provided, manufacturing will move forward, but our staff will continue to supervise the work so quality need not be a concern. Choosing the right factories and the established relationships with the factories also help to ensure that manufacturing will be satisfactory.

Shipping Logistics

Shipping of goods from another country causes many business owners to stress because of some knowledge of tariffs and problems with importing.  Our experience allows us to handle shipping with relative ease.  We are aware of tariffs on products and can help you understand what those are, how much they will cost, and how they will impact your bottom line.

The good news is that when you’re working with ITI Manufacturing, there is no need for you to stress the shipping logistics.  We will take care of all of the details and simply let you know when you can expect your product to arrive stateside.

ITI Wants to Be Your Offshore Management Service

We understand that manufacturing abroad can be overwhelming.  Despite the many benefits, many companies choose to continue to manufacture less efficiently because they just can’t get their arms around offshoring.  ITI wants to help!

We can simplify the offshore manufacturing process so you can focus on what you do best: running a business.  You can be as involved in the process as you would like, we will simply guide you to make the experience as efficient and as effective as possible.  Offshore manufacturing can work well for you, even if you are new to it, and we would like to help you along the way.

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