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Plastic products are some of the most popular items made in China.   Today’s plastics are more complex and sophisticated and include elements such as sulfur, chlorine, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. They can be produced by conversion of a natural product or through synthesis from oil, coal, or natural gas-derived chemicals.

Below is some general information about plastics.  Today’s availability of highly skilled manufacturing facilities can make choosing the right China factory to manufacture plastic products can be a time-consuming task. Full service outsourcing companies like ITI Manufacturing are well-versed in helping US-companies successfully engage the right factory to have their plastic products made in China. ITI knows the ins and outs of matching USA-based companies with high-quality China plastic product producers.

Polymer Structures

A plastic polymer can be homogeneous or heterogeneous. Heterogeneous catalysts are insoluble in the reaction medium while homogeneous catalysts are soluble. Homogeneous Mixtures are uniformly mixed on an atomic or molecular level like brewed coffee or tea or soapy water.  Heterogeneous mixtures are not uniformly mixed on an atomic or molecular level. Examples are a mixture of oil and water or orange juice with the pulp in it.  Polycarbonates, nylons, and polyesters are also examples of heterogeneous plastics.  They are not as chemically durable as homogeneous plastics. Some plastics can rapidly form crystals which can add strength and stiffness. Others cannot form crystals which makes them typically thinner and more transparent. The plastic’s chemical structure can change in its aesthetic, processing, and performance properties as can the use of additives.


For plastic products made in China or anywhere around the world additives are used during the plastic design process to give the material certain properties.  These additives are often included during manufacturing or during final processing. Plastic additives can alter or improve chemical, mechanical, or physical properties and can protect polymers from the harmful effects of bacteria, light, and heat. Antioxidants, colorants, foaming agents, plasticizers, lubricants, antimicrobial agents, and flame-retardants are all types of additives used to improve the usability and safety of modern plastic materials.


The extrusion process is commonly used to produce tubes, pipes, and films. Plastic powder, pellets, or granules are loaded into a bin and fed into a heated chamber where they are moved by a revolving screw. The plastic is melted via friction from the screw and heat from the walls of the extruder. Molten plastic is forced out through a die to form a finished product that is cut to the desired length as it exits the extruder. The most common extruded thermoplastics are pipe, film, wire insulation, plastic lumber, and window trim.

Injection Molding

The injection molding process creates intricate, high-quality, reproducible parts. Plastic material is fed into an extruder where it is melted in a heating chamber before being forced into a cold mold at high pressure. The injection process is commonly used by Chinese manufacturers to make plastic containers, toys, fittings, and literally millions of other custom parts and products.

You can learn more about how plastics are made at the American Chemistry Council’s website at:

If your US-based company is currently manufacturing plastic products or plastic components and have the need to investigate it being made in China consult with the experts of ITI Manufacturing.  ITI’s years of professional experience in helping US-based companies successfully have their products manufactured in China can help your company be successful immediately.

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