What Reliable Outsource Manufacturing Looks Like

There are many misconceptions and reservations regarding outsource manufacturing floating around out there.  Do you base your outsource manufacturing beliefs on the less-than-optimal experience of others?  The fact is that reliable offshore manufacturers exist in relatively large numbers and are out there waiting to reliably manufacture your product.  The “trick” is to find the right high-quality manufacturer that best fits the manufacturing needs of your product as well as the needs of your company.

US companies often discover this exercise turns out to be more challenging than originally expected. This is especially true when US companies try to find a factory on their own. A factory may very well have an attractive website with some pretty pictures and/or offer low prices. However, after some investigation, or maybe a trip or two to China, and after you’ve spent thousands of dollars over time, those same factories prove themselves to be unsuitable. Then, consequently, you’ll learn that it’s time to start the process all over again!

Reliable outsourcing begins with finding the right factory the first time.  Having a knowledgeable, experienced, professional manufacturing liaison is the best way to ensure that happens.  Liaisons are experienced company partners that work to help match your product manufacturing needs with the right outsourcing factory. ITI Manufacturing provides firsthand, “on the ground” assistance in China for US companies considering outsource manufacturing.

Quality Business Negotiations

The best outsourcing partners have the experience to know how to negotiate fairly on behalf of your company to reach a workable agreement. It is vital you know and understand the business culture and customs under which your selected manufacturer operates. Chinese manufacturers have a unique business culture that is different in many ways from the United States. When you negotiate with a quality Chinese factory those cultural differences must be recognized to eliminate any and all miscommunication.  Nothing can be taken for granted.  ITI Manufacturing communicates and negotiates all details of the project on behalf of our US clients so as to reach the most favorable working relationship.

Open Communications

Ideally, a factory’s communication style will be open and forthcoming no matter if the news is good or bad. Unfortunately, that is typically not the case. Offshore factories have a tendency to communicate bad news at the last minute or, sometimes, not at all. Why?  It could be cultural, maybe language differences, or perhaps it’s the physical distance from one country to another. The bottom line is this is something you want to watch out for. The successful projects are the ones in which communication is frequent, honest, and forward-looking to mitigate issues and delays that may be developing.  A US company’s representative trying to communicate with a China factory outside of regular work hours is not the most effective way to manage an offshore project.

The ideal situation involves the US company having someone representing them regularly on site, at the factory, communicating in the native language of the factory owners and managers. Whether this person is a direct company report or an employee of an experienced China manufacturing lesson this scenario is truly the only way to keep up on your project.  ITI has multilingual professional staff working on the factory grounds to ensure that manufacturers produce our customer’s products to exacting specifications. If there are updates, changes, or unforeseen issues, we inform our customers immediately if we cannot rectify the situation ourselves. Accessible communication and a local understanding of cultural differences ensure your project is successful… container after container.

Long-Term Business Relations

Reliable, well-established overseas manufacturers, like their American customers, look for long-term positive-working business relationships.  Companies on both shores also look for consistent quality, transparency, and clear communication. Another key to successful outsource manufacturing is for both parties to establish a long-term business relationship with one another.


Consistent Quality Production

Repeatable, consistent quality production is one of the most important qualities to look for in reliable outsource manufacturing. The interesting thing about consistency, it takes sustained effort. “It’s good enough, right?” is not a phrase you want to hear in a manufacturing environment. Standards and tolerances must be maintained to established levels shipment after shipment.

While there are many excellent factories in China, the only way to ensure the most recent production is at the expected quality level is to inspect the shipment with a critical eye.  This is in addition to any “in process” inspection that might take place. Hiring an inspection service is one way to go but production is typically over by the time the contract inspectors arrive. ITI Manufacturing is at the factory often and inspects prior to products being completed.

Reliable Outsource Manufacturing with ITI’s Guarantee

Sourcing products overseas the right way is difficult.  It involves a great deal of experience to learn how to avoid certain pitfalls and recognize the early signs of problems. And even with the best inspection and testing, you may learn that there are still issues.  This is why it’s extremely important that your company work with an experienced manufacturing liaison that guarantees no manufacturing defects.  ITI Manufacturing does just that.  We guarantee no manufacturing defects.

Put ITI Manufacturing’s experience to the test If you want to know what reliable outsource manufacturing looks like,  We make it easy and our services include so much more than quality products.  Call our toll-free number at (281) 242-7030 for a no-obligation quote and find out how we go beyond the product.

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