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Top 5 Types of Plastic Products Made in China

Whether in 2022, or 2018 when this piece was originally written, the truth still remains the same –  plastic product manufacturing is still a crucial part of the business world no matter which way the global economy turns.  The tariffs have had an impact on plastic products imported from China but considering the world economy, China is still a major manufacturing hub for all types of plastic items.  Despite Covid and a volatile political climate, according to Time Magazine, the trade surplus surged to $676.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 as their exports jumped 29.9%. Below are the top 5 types of plastic products currently made in China.

Computer Components

The ease with which information is accessed is partly due to the ubiquitous nature of personal computing devices. China manufacturers a large percentage of the plastic from which computers are made.  For Instance Lenovo, a multi-national computer hardware manufacturing company, is based in China.  Laptop magazine rated Lenovo number one overall just barely edging out HP and Dell.  China’s computer part exports are a little over $142 billion which is almost 41% of the global total.

Phone Parts

The mobile phone industry is exploding.  Do you know someone that doesn’t carry a cell phone?Thanks to a rebound from Covid, and despite shortages on processor chips, exports in 2021 rose to $3.3 trillion U.S. dollars .


There’s a good reason Adidas, Nike, and some of the world’s other top footwear companies are doing most of their manufacturing in China.  Last year, China shipped over $21.5 billion in plastic products and rubber footwear which is an increase of almost one percent from the previous year. Hence, plastic components for footwear remains one of the top products made in China.

Plastic-Containing Textiles

China manufactures a very large percentage of textiles.   China ranks #1 in textile exports, composing approximately 42% of the market. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO) China exports over $160 billion in plastic-containing and other textiles annually.

NOTE:  China’s manufacturing emphasis is gradually moving from textiles to the higher-end, more technologically advanced products.  This trend has resulted in a small decrease in skilled labor for the plastic/textile industry.


China is essentially the world’s toy box. Last year, its plastic toy manufacturing industry generated over $10 billion which is a 5.3% increase from the previous year. China’s families are seeing increased income and now have discretionary dollars to spend increasing domestic demand. The industry employs more than 600,000 people in more than 7,100 businesses.  China currently manufactures over 70% of the world’s plastic toys.

China Remains the Plastic Products Manufacturing Center of the World

Despite the slow increase in labor rates as well as the recent tariffs, China remains a solid choice for American companies. There are three primary reasons why:

  1. Better services and infrastructure
  2. Efficient production capabilities
  3. Increased throughput without the capital investment

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