Trends In Toy Sales This Season

It’s always a good idea to know what the future holds – even if the future to which you are looking is dominated by a Christmas list. For those in the world of manufacturing, the top toys of Christmas can give them an idea of the challenges that the future might bring. This year’s Christmas hits tend to be quite similar to those that have been popular over the last few years, at least in the world of toys. The hottest items tend to be technologically advanced, feature licensed characters, and incorporate some sort of building element.


Toys are becoming more complicated every year, and the toys with the most bells and whistles tend to dominate Christmas lists. Even putting aside consumer electronics like the Playstation 4 or the Nintendo Wii U, the toy market seems to be largely dominated by electronic gadgets. Devices like the Leapfrog remain popular from year to year, while toys from VTech and Apptivity combine technological innovation with more traditional play solutions. Everything from RC cars to building set have become a bit more complex, but children seem to embrace these changes.


Licensed toy properties continue to be incredibly popular this year, with toys based on television and movie properties flying off the shelves. Toys for young children have made a fairly sizable shift towards a focus on television and movie properties, especially with the success of Disney’s Frozen and the company’s Disney Jr. line. Boys’ toys continue to be dominated by perennial favorites like WWE Wrestling and Marvel movie action figures, though there has been a fair deal of market penetration from various Japanese-based programs like Pokemon and its competitors over the last decade. If the toy is inspired by what’s been seen on the screen, odds are that it will be popular this season.


Building toys seem to be particularly popular this year, with sets by LEGO and its competitors reaching the top of many Christmas lists. Much of this has to do with the companies embracing the use of licensed properties, but shifts involving online building games likely have a great deal to do with the resurgence of these products over the last year. China manufacturing plants that specialize in these customizable brick toys will likely be working overtime this year in order to meet the rising demand, as even some of the more obscure manufacturers have been embraced over the past few years.

If you are in the business of manufacturing or having items manufactured, this year’s Christmas toys should give you a fair bit of information about the consumer market. Young consumers like toys with a familiar face, but aren’t afraid of innovation. They want a fair deal of creativity, but often enjoy having firm guidelines. When seeking out manufacturing solutions, keeping those guidelines in mind may help you to find a great deal of success in the new year. After all, looking at the toys the kids love today can give you an idea of what tomorrow’s young adults might buy.

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