Why ITI Manufacturing?

Running, managing, and growing your business is a full-time job. Do you need your goods manufactured offshore but are struggling to find the time to do it right? Finding the right offshore manufacturer and keeping up with the manufacturing, testing, inspection, and shipping details as well as the challenges those represent can also be a full-time job. You are not alone. This is why so many companies work with ITI Manufacturing. We pioneered offshore manufacturing services over 40 years ago. Manufacturing the goods your business needs can be complicated when you try to take it all on yourself. ITI Manufacturing is here to help.

We Understand

ITI Manufacturing
Figure 1: The Importance of Understanding Your Customer

If you are in search of a manufacturing liaison to manage offshore factory selection and oversee production and logistics, you can rely on ITI Manufacturing.  We understand your situation.  Running a business is a full-time job.  Finding the time to manage your offshore supply chain can be nearly impossible, especially if there is an issue and you want everything done right.

We understand your situation because we have been managing our customer’s offshore supply chains for over 40 years.  We will first consult with you to understand your specific needs and put a program together that will result in your goods being manufactured right, packaged right, tested and inspected to your standards, and delivered to the right destination, on time.   No surprises.  We even assure your products will be free of manufacturing defects.

Experience Matters

Our experience and expertise are what allows us to stand out from the competition.  We have local personnel in the major manufacturing zones in China.  We have a full-time, dedicated staff covering mainland China, an office in South Korea, and are sourcing product in Vietnam.  We are your offshore representatives and see ourselves as an extension of your company.  We are successful only if you are.  As such, we believe we have a fiduciary duty to our customers.  Our time in business has allowed us to truly understand the needs and requirements of our customers and the most effective way to relay them to the factories so those needs and requirements are clearly understood.

We consistently look for new and innovative ways to service our customers.  When we find something that works, we stay the course, but we are always on the lookout for opportunities that will benefit our customers via cost savings, speed, or quality.

Staff on the Ground

ITI Manufacturing stands out from the crowd.  As mentioned above, we have a full-time, dedicated staff on the ground in mainland China. What does this mean for you?  It means that we have people in China, meeting face to face with factory owners and management to prevent and, when necessary, solve issues that come up. Our China staff consists of native Chinese speakers with knowledge of China manufacturing as well as Chinese culture.  They form business relationships with factory management and workers and have a sense of which factories will best serve each of our customers depending on the product’s specifications and manufacturing requirements.

Having local staff also eliminates any language barrier.  Our China staff speaks the local dialect fluently, ensuring important details are thoroughly understood so our customers receive the product quality they expect.  Our China staff allows for a cohesive and cooperative partnership.

Proven Process

Our longevity and deep understanding of business and China manufacturing has allowed ITI to hone our proven process.  Our proven process consists of product assessment, defining specifications, sourcing, negotiating on your behalf, quoting, sample approval, production, and logistics.  Our proven process ensures quality and on-time delivery.  Our customers come to us with a need, and we work hard to understand and fill that need.  It is definitely a process, but one we have designed to be simple and effective so our customers can focus on the success of their business rather than the mountain of details required of manufacturing overseas.

ITI Manufacturing is Here For You

Are you ready for stress-free offshore manufacturing?  Do you want an experienced team on your side who will manage all manufacturing issues?  Then choose ITI Manufacturing.  We would be pleased to help.  With our more than 40 years of offshore manufacturing experience, we are confident our offshore manufacturing services will be the solution you are looking for.  With our team in your corner, you will find that offshore manufacturing no longer seems like a daunting task. Instead, you will see that manufacturing in China will allow you to offer high-quality, profitable products you will be proud to call your own.

Ready to discuss?  Feel free to contact us or schedule a free no-obligation consultation where we can discuss your needs and determine if ITI Manufacturing is the right resource for you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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