Why Vibratory Media from ITI Manufacturing

Vibratory media, sometimes referred to as abrasive vibratory media, is used for a wide variety of metal finishing tasks such as deburring, cleaning, burnishing, polishing, radiusing, surface preparation, pre-plating, and general surface finishing.  Vibratory media allows for a mass finishing technique that is an industry-leading practice used around the world in a variety of industries.

vibratory media

ITI Manufacturing Sourced Vibratory Media

We understand that your specific needs may require vibratory media in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  We also understand that the size and shape chosen are based on wear rates and cutting characteristics and that there may need to be options to effectively complete a project.  ITI Manufacturing offers four industry-leading grades of ceramic media to ensure our customers have access to a variety of options. Our grades include:

  • Light Cut
  • Medium Cut
  • Fast Cut
  • Porcelain Polishing Media

With a wide assortment of sizes and shapes available, you can fulfill all your finishing needs by ordering from one source.  Our vibratory media is of the highest quality and consistency which will meet and exceed your expectations with quality, grade, size, and shape.

Access to Vibratory Media Made Easy

ITI Manufacturing is a factory-direct supplier.  This means the media is shipped direct from the factory to you and saves you money.  No more struggling with finding the exact media you need when you need it.  Our tremendous experience in managing the logistics of a global supply system provides you with the security of supply you require. Just let us know what you need in terms of size and shape and type.  We deliver the media directly from the factory to the location of your choice.  Simple, quick.

ITI Is Ready to Talk Vibratory Media

If you are ready to source high-quality vibratory media more affordably and more conveniently than ever before, call us at 281-242-7030 or schedule a consultation at your convenience.

We would be pleased to discuss your unique needs and how we can source the product you need when you need it.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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