Your Company Cut Out for China Manufacturing?

The maturing of international trade continues to transform the world and US businesses continue to benefit from China manufacturing.  Entrepreneurs are still discovering a broader customer base when launching new products and sales. Moreover, profits are realized faster when a company successfully “goes global”.  The downsides of seasonal fluctuations can also be mitigated more effectively with the effective management of overseas manufacturers.

Though there have been thousands of businesses that have benefited from international trade, there are still many more that need to know when and if they should consider China manufacturing.  To make the best decision, those companies should first learn what the benefits could be for their individual company. When it comes to the benefits, most are not “one size fits all”.  This article provides answers to 3 main questions each US company should consider when determining if overseas manufacturing is right for them.

Question 1 — When Should My Company Consider China Manufacturing?

  • INCREASED DEMAND — US companies consider overseas manufacturers when they have an increase in sales and need additional manufacturing capabilities. China manufacturing offers additional manufacturing capacity without additional capital outlays or the disruption of current manufacturing schedules.
  • NEED TO LOWER TOTAL MANUFACTURING COSTS  Companies that need to lower the total cost of manufacturing can quickly reach their goal by utilizing China. However, this is especially if their products have a high percentage of labor. These companies can then determine to use their savings to develop new products. They can also add features to their existing products.
  • RAW MATERIAL AVAILABILITY – A third reason to consider manufacturing in China is that raw materials needed to make products are often more abundant and readily available there. This also helps to lower production costs and increase your bottom line.

Question 2 — Is a Manufacturing Liaison Really Necessary?

When it comes to China manufacturing, stating that ‘There is much to consider’ is truly an understatement. Having an experienced, factory neutral liaison that understands your product is invaluable.  An experienced liaison can find the right factory, negotiate effectively on your behalf, and help protect your intellectual property. A liaison can also establish positive, on-going business relations, and manage the efficient production of your items to exacting specifications.  ITI Manufacturing has the additional advantage of guaranteeing each shipment to be free of manufacturing defects.

Companies attempting to work alone and directly with Chinese factories often find themselves frustrated with finding the right supplier. They also experience challenges with the unforeseen differences in language, business etiquette, and culture.  While there are do-it-yourselfers that do experience China manufacturing success, they’ll tell you that it took years to reach that point.

A professional and experienced manufacturing liaison like ITI Manufacturing fully understands multiple things. Firstly, they know that effective and precise communication remains the most important and critical part of the pre-manufacturing process. Partnering with a liaison that has the knowledge and experience to deliver offshore manufacturing success to hundreds of US companies for over 40 years makes all the difference in a positive experience.

Question 3 — Why ITI Manufacturing?

ITI Manufacturing’s 40+ years of offshore manufacturing experience, coupled with our no manufacturing defects guarantee and China-based staff, ensures your product is manufactured in the right factory, to your specifications, and at the right price. Partnering with ITI means your company receives timely communication regarding each phase of the process. In other words, the China manufacturing process will no longer be a mystery.

It also means your international manufacturing supply chain, including international shipping, is managed by one company that has your success as its #1 objective.  ITI Manufacturing has only one source of revenue – our successful customers.  We manufacture and sell no products of our own.  Our success is 100% dependent on our customer’s success.

Please feel free to call us at tel:281-242-7030 and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff for answers to your China manufacturing questions. Cut through the hype. Speak with people who work with China on a daily basis.

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