Your Recipe for Manufacturing Process Success

Any business venture is worth doing only if there is the best chance for success. If your company is contemplating investing in the China manufacturing process it’s worth doing only if you have high confidence it will be successful.  Most American businesses know Chinese manufacturing is a proven method in reducing the manufacturing cost of their goods. Yet, many are unsure as to how to obtain first-time and consistent success. That’s why ITI Manufacturing was created to ensure your success.

We engage the right China factory – based on the unique details of your product – to successfully manufacture your product. At the same time, we manage the complete project to ensure total manufacturing process success.  We’re a professional and experienced manufacturing liaison company headquartered in the USA. However, our passion is to help companies worldwide quickly and successfully transition to the right level of Chinese manufacturing.  We evaluate each individual product’s suitability for China manufacturing and for the specific factories to be considered. If your company is struggling with issues stemming from an unfavorable China manufacturing situation, ITI’s trained and experienced China-based staff will quickly and professionally assess and address the causes to get you back on track.

We manage the complete manufacturing process including testing, inspection, packaging, supply chain, and international logistics.  You are kept informed as the process proceeds because ITI is there managing each stage of the process.

Stage #1 — Sourcing

One of the most unique traits of ITI Manufacturing as a company is our ability to combine cultures and engineering backgrounds here in the US as well as overseas. We have built and established longstanding relationships with many reliable China manufacturers and therefore transfer those relationship benefits to your company.  Based on your product specifications, our 45+ years of experience enables us to match you with the right manufacturer(s). China manufacturing is an art as much as it is a science.  ITI’s company sourcing is based on relationships as well as cultural understanding, manufacturing expertise, and experience.

Stage #2 — Communication & Negotiation

ITI’s professional China-based staff is strategically located throughout China.  This allows our team to maintain their knowledge of local customs, manufacturing expertise and trends, and dialects.  We genuinely get to know factory owners and key personnel. Local knowledge and understanding enhances our Chinese staff’s ability to communicate and negotiate on your behalf.

Stage #3 — Product Sampling

One absolute is your review, testing, and inspection of product samples prior to factory production being authorized.  ITI’s structured approach ensures the production matches the sample.  This is the definition of our no manufacturing defects guarantee.

Stage #4 – Production

Only after the approval sample has been accepted by you is the factory authorized to begin production.  ITI’s China staff is there to monitor the raw materials, the manufacturing process, and any post-production work including testing and final inspection.  Ship and sailing dates are kept “top of mind” while any challenges to meeting that timeframe are dealt with during the process.

ITI Manufacturing’s proven manufacturing process is the same for large corporations as it is for smaller company projects. We have one goal and one source of revenue:  Our customers’ success.

Stage #5 – Quality Assurance

Manufacturing process success is synonymous with quality assurance. ITI Manufacturing’s on the ground China staff conducts in-process as well as final product inspections to ensure our customer’s products and components meet specifications.

Stage #6 – International Logistics / Shipping

ITI’s Manufacturing is highly flexible and will manage logistics directly for you or work with your preferred freight forwarder.  Shipments may be picked up at the China port by your freight forwarder or your customer’s freight forwarder. Then delivered to a US Customs warehouse in the US, your distribution warehouse anywhere in the US, or any port worldwide to be claimed by your international representative.  We supply all the necessary paperwork and ensure correct product differentiation that may be necessary if your product is shipped to multiple countries.

ITI Manufacturing is the Right Partner for You

ITI Manufacturing has a long and successful history of working as our customer’s China office.  ITI’s proven manufacturing process allows you the peace of mind to know your products will arrive free of manufacturing defects.  For almost 45 years ITI Manufacturing has been sourcing, manufacturing, testing, inspecting, and shipping products for North American businesses and those around the world.  We’re also the right China souring partner for other global companies who want to manufacture in China.

With ITI Manufacturing satisfaction is guaranteed from finding the right factory to delivering the shipment free of manufacturing defects to its pre-determined location.  Call now to speak with our experts.  We are here to help you. tel:281-242-7030

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