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Manufacturing in China
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China Manufacturing Video
Make ITI your manufacturing office in Asia

Check out the video and watch how ITI helped Dan reduce his cost.

ITI Guarantees Timely Delivery and Exceptional Quality.

ITI sources and delivers custom-manufactured components and finished goods of all sizes, shapes and materials. Delivered prices regularly save ITI customers 20-30%. Talk with ITI about "Making it in China" today. Find out if overseas manufacturing – complete with satisfaction guarantee – is the smart move for you.

City of Angels.

Claude Tindell never dreamed his tricycle company would eventually do business on a worldwide scale. > Read More.

Make ITI Your Manufacturing Office in Asia. 

Bring the benefits home to America. After 30-plus years, ITI knows a thing or two about Chinese manufacturing, about helping its clients get custom-manufactured, labor-intensive products at bargain production costs.

ITI's in-depth experience delivers worry-free overseas product production, with proven, reliable sourcing from all 14 major industrial zones in China, as well as from Taiwan and South Korea.

No American overseas manufacturing company has more experience fabricating in and delivering from China. So you can call on ITI for smart composition and import to:

  • Maintain your competitive edge
  • Overcome uncompetitive domestic costs
  • Expand your production capacity without adding new buildings and machinery
  • Avoid shifting your own operations to low-cost countries
  • Add new items to your line at 20% of the usual tooling and start-up costs
  • Preserve business and profit margins
  • Increase your sales.

ITI builds success into every Asian production project by providing:

  • Financially secure international standing and sound reputation
  • Business with China factories since 1974
  • Bi-lingual Houston personnel with business and production backgrounds
  • Dedicated staff in China cities covering all Asian resources
  • Factory sources that are known, pre-qualified and regularly audited
  • Verification of quality standards followed with inspections during production and prior to shipment
  • Face-to-face problem-solving – before products leave their shipping ports
  • Delivered prices with all import costs pre-paid by ITI
  • Complete shipping arrangements with payment due after receipt and inspection
  • Outstanding multi-industry, multi-product experience.

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Is Manufacturing Holding Back Your Business?

Contact ITI Manufacturing to find out more about how we can help you solve your manufacturing challenges.

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281-242-7030 Ext. 28.

Contact ITI Manufacturing to find out more about how we can help you solve your manufacturing challenges.

Call for a free quote 281-242-7030 Ext.28. Email ITI