Chinese Manufacturing: Expertise You Can Count On

Many USA-based companies are hesitant to explore the cost savings that can be realized as a result of engaging in Chinese manufacturing.

Language barriers, fear of inferior products or processes, and a lack of understanding the international shipping process are some of the more common reasons why a USA-based company may hesitate to explore Chinese manufacturing.

Companies also tend to worry about how they would manage their product line if their products were manufactured in China. In addition to the perceived difficulty of the initial sourcing and set-up, there may also be concerns of how to add new features or make changes to products that are currently being manufactured.

Even after the difficulties of the initial set-up are solved, the product is being manufactured offshore, and the item has become highly profitable, concern about the difficulty in making changes and improvements to that product may be enough to stifle serious interest in Chinese Manufacturing.

In addition, the expertise and experience necessary to maintain consistent quality may or may not be resident in the factory chosen and only after it’s too late and the investment in time, effort, tooling, and training has been made it is discovered that needed expertise is not there.

It is true that there are many things that can go wrong during the Chinese manufacturing process. However, this is true about any manufacturing process, domestic or offshore.

Fortunately, there is a way USA-based companies can confidently make the transition from a domestic to a China manufactured source: ITI Manufacturing. ITI Manufacturing has a long and successful history with Chinese Manufacturing. Four decades of experience with the Chinese manufacturing process ensure the sourcing, experience, and expertise required to manufacture as well as successfully add the new features to your existing products you may desire in the future will be there when needed. High quality standards are maintained through thorough production and pre-shipment inspections. ITI Manufacturing’s experienced, bilingual staff members – many of whom have extensive manufacturing and business experience – ensure clear communication. If problems do arise, they will be expertly handled before shipment so the products received will meet your company’s and your customer’s specifications as well as expectations.

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