What If Something Goes Wrong In Overseas Manufacturing?

The allure of overseas manufacturing can be strong. Many large and successful companies use overseas manufacturing for all or a portion of their products. The cost benefits are too tempting to resist in a highly competitive business environment. However, the question remains, “If I go overseas what will happen if something goes wrong?”

This is a valid question. Actually, a better and more accurate question is, “What happens WHEN something goes wrong?” That is a better question because, anyone who works with offshore manufacturing can tell you, something always “goes wrong”. In fact, it’s what happens after companies discover the “wrong” that makes or breaks the situation.

Challenges for Domestic, as well as, Overseas Manufacturing…

American companies have traditional issues as well as different languages, traditions, and cultures to consider. Cultural differences, some seemingly very minor on the surface, can have a devastating impact on overseas manufacturing. One example could be factories closing during Chinese New Year. The length of time a factory closes during this holiday can vary. This is a small but important detail. Most American companies do not realize the ripple effect of a multi-week closure. Some of the more universal issues could be if certain materials were in short supply, then they need to consider alternative sources. Vital equipment could break down and another factory may have to complete production. When these issues are coupled with overseas manufacturing, the resulting consequences have the potential to have a much more devastating result.

ITI Manufacturing Helps American Companies Resolve Overseas Manufacturing Issues.

At ITI Manufacturing, we’ve been helping American companies with their overseas manufacturing for over 40 years. We are American owned and based in the US, with a full-time China-based staff. Therefore, we natively understand the American language, our traditions, and culture, as well as the Chinese language, traditions, and culture. At ITI, we have uniquely structured our services to ensure precise communication and hands-on project management. This helps us provide the timely feedback necessary for your peace of mind. Much more than just a “middle man”, ITI becomes the experienced eyes, ears, and hands on the ground in the overseas manufacturing process. They have mastered the art of providing detailed reports, product testing, and professional inspections on every product that they oversee. Attention to detail and prompt response from ITI’s China-based staff immediately addresses issues that, left unresolved, could develop into a project disaster.

Customers also benefit from ITI’s well-developed business network in the event additional or alternative overseas manufacturing sources are needed. One example happened when a factory owner found himself in an unfortunate financial situation. His suppliers quickly found out and all demanded 100% of what he owed them. The factory owner couldn’t pay fast enough and the factory closed. The factory owner then disappeared. ITI’s China staff was able to find another factory to manufacture the customer’s products. The total delay in shipping from the original date was only one week.

Find out how ITI Manufacturing can help your company be successful with overseas manufacturing.

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